One Mortal Kombat 11 Developer Had To See A Therapist After Violent Desires


Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 hasn’t had the smoothest launch. The brand new preventing recreation was criticised for being a grind-fest and extra not too long ago, there have been critical allegations of poisonous work tradition at NetherRealm Studios throughout the growth cycle. If that wasn’t already sufficient, one of many people concerned within the creation course of has revealed how engaged on the most recent entry within the excessively violent sequence ultimately led to a PTSD prognosis.

Throughout an interview with Kotaku, the person – who requested anonymity to guard their profession throughout the online game business – stated they spent their days all through 2018 viewing violent animations and referring to “real-life” analysis materials to create overly gory in-game animations whereas breaking down every cinematic sequence frame-by-frame.

“You’d stroll across the workplace and one man could be watching hangings on YouTube, one other man could be footage of homicide victims, another person could be watching a video of a cow being slaughtered.”

After roughly a month, all of this violent content material took its toll on this specific developer, leading to a lack of sleep on account of graphic goals:

“I’d have these extraordinarily graphic goals, very violent.”

They then noticed a therapist, who identified them with post-traumatic stress dysfunction – which is believed to be due to Mortal Kombat and its express growth course of. Apparently, this specific particular person wasn’t alone, with different co-workers who ultimately left additionally affected by “related issues” throughout the creation of the sport.

Warner Bros. Video games and NetherRealm Studios didn’t reply to this story. Learn the complete report right here.


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