Marion County property transfers


These actual property transactions have been recorded in Marion County between April 23 and 30.

  • 790 N. State St., Marion; Calvin L. and Flora E. Berry to John and Ruby Welch; $10,000
  • 2278 Feather Lane, Marion; Lisa M. Timberlake to Linda L. Smith; $156,500
  • 400 Mount Vernon Ave, Unit 4, Marion; Raqoul S. Concepcion to Rebecca C. Concepcion fka Backus; $15,780
  • 400 Mount Vernon Ave, Unit 4, Marion; Roberto S. and Jacquiline A. Concepcion to Rebecca C. Concepcion fka Backus; $15,780
  • 2941 Schell Drive, Marion; Richard A. and Susan L. Edgar to Brianna C. McDole; $77,250
  • 400 Mount Vernon Ave, Unit 4, Marion; Rebecca C. Concepcion fka Backus to Barbara Y. Brown; $88,000
  • 740 Christopher Drive, Marion; Darren M. Charpie to Gregory Okay. and Katelyn M. Daniels; $224,500
  • 814 Robinson St., Marion; David H. Hammon, et al, by non-public promoting officer to CitiMortgage Inc.; $43,334
  • 380 Thompson St., Marion; Preston W. Subject to Paul Kahler; $34,000
  • 2056 Nice Hill Street, Marion; Thomas L. Lusch to Todd E. and Kimberly Okay. Hanshaw; $128,000
  • 645 Tyler St., Marion; William D. and Rebecca E. Welch to Jonathan Oliver; $1,500
  • 176 Wiley St., Morral; Roy Michael and Margie D. Cox to Bertie E. and Jerry D. Mannering; $12,000
  • 548 Park St., Marion; James Sparks to HJPhelps LLC; $12,000
  • Two parcels off Lime Ave., Marion; Boyce R. and Sarah J. Mullins to Walter R. Mullins; $1,710
  • 311 Fies Ave., Marion; Timothy L. and Lynn M. Collins to Pamela M. Mattix; $33,900
  • 522 Common Ave., Marion; Wilma R. Patrick to Edith Patrick; $15,000
  • 522 Common Ave., Marion; Edith Patrick to Susan R. Orcena; $15,000
  • 596 Common Ave., Marion; Kay M. and Ronald C. Cary by PSO to MidFirst Financial institution; $62,917.51
  • 4749 Dunbar Street, Prospect; Property of Helen M. Radebaugh to Andrea and Chester Mills; $132,500
  • 299 Pearl St., Marion; Joseph C. and Tammy L. Harrison to Debra B. Scott; $17,750
  • 820 Woodrow Ave., Marion; Eli J. Oney to Denise Y. Fulton; $13,700
  • 894 Silver St., Marion; Judy McCarty Rayburn to Jessica L. Akers; $5,000
  • 2473 Pole Lane Street, Marion; Wells Fargo Financial institution NA to David Shane Kimmel; $39,000
  • 642 Olney Ave., Marion; U.S. Financial institution NA to Adam Michael Utzinger; $27,400
  • 1139 Bexley Ave., Marion; Max Okay. Lowe, et al to Jennings Household Investments LLC; $79,065
  • 1133 Amherst Drive, Marion; Amy and Kevin Criswell Jr. to Penny Herrigel; $86,500
  • 1170 Chanteloup Drive, Marion; Ross A. and Tiffany L. Watkins to Sara L. Pal; $160,000
  • 511 Shadyside Circle, Marion; Benji A. and Kathy L. Gibson to Ross A. and Tiffany L. Watkins; $200,000
  • 937 Underwood Ave., Marion; Michael Cox to Matthew G. Dixon; $8,300
  • 0.252 acres off Centerville-Newmans Street, Prospect; Shon E. Pertuset to Dana R. Murry; $6,880

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