Sport of Thrones gave us Cersei Lannister, essentially the most compelling feminine villain in TV historical past



Cersei’s path to the Iron Throne was bloody and brutal.


“I ponder in the event you’re the worst particular person I’ve ever met,” Olenna Tyrell says to Cersei Lannister in season 6 of Sport of Thrones. 

Olenna’s one of many few Westerosi who really survived lengthy sufficient to go grey, so you realize she’s obtained loads of ammunition for that assertion. Ramsay Bolton hunted people and Varys retains the sorcerer who castrated him alive in a field. Nonetheless, it is not them however Cersei who tops Olenna’s checklist of baddies.

As normal, Olenna was proper. Not like her twin and lover Jaime, Cersei hasn’t softened because the very first season. Jaime’s not the identical character he was when he callously shoved Bran Stark from the tower window, snarking as he did in regards to the issues he’d do for love. Formed by his personal struggling, the Kingslayer has found that every one these flowery phrases about honor actually imply one thing. He is misplaced a hand and, as cliched because it sounds, maybe discovered a coronary heart.

Cersei then again? She’d shove Bran from that window over again, and perhaps stab him with a murderously sharp hair decoration first so there is not any likelihood of him surviving the autumn.

We have not ever seen a villain like Cersei earlier than. She’s lovely, she’s attractive, she’s wickedly good, she’s highly effective, and no man or girl (but) can hold her off the throne. No query, there have been highly effective feminine villains missing a conscience earlier than (Maleficent, Hela, Bellatrix Lestrange, even the Depraved Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz). However nobody can compete with Cersei on the subject of her sheer will to do something to anyone to remain in energy.

Cersei herself has suffered (however actually, discovering a lady in Westeros who hasn’t is like discovering a smartphone there). Whereas twin Jaime rode off to fame and glory as a knight, Cersei’s father seen her solely as a present he may give away in marriage to extend his personal energy. King Robert cheated on her, seeding bastards wherever he rode. She’s been imprisoned, had her hair shaved, been compelled to stroll bare by means of the streets whereas folks threw rotten meals and worse at her. She hasn’t precisely taken the glamorous Kate Middleton path to the throne.

By all rights, Cersei shouldn’t have risen to the place she is right now. By some means she’s taken her struggling as a problem and risen above it, and if there’s something to admire about her, that is it. Surrounded by highly effective males her complete life, she is aware of easy methods to exploit their weaknesses and persistently outwit them, all whereas taking part in inside their very own guidelines. They are saying the king’s sons ought to sit the throne? High-quality, however as their mom, she’ll sit behind them, pulling the strings, making everybody imagine their selections are their very own once they actually come from her. 

She will by no means bodily be the strongest particular person within the kingdom, so as an alternative she finds the true strongest particular person — The Mountain — and places him beneath her management. She’s not the neatest, so she recruits Qyburn — figuring out full effectively he experiments horribly on residing people — and provides him what he desires in change for serving her. She does not have the largest military, so she hires the companies of The Golden Firm — despite the fact that they disappoint her by not bringing their elephants. A few of her deeds are grisly, however taught by ache herself, she’s by no means hesitated. Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, even Robb Stark — they trusted these round them and it led to their deaths. Cersei beloved Jaime, however she by no means really  trusted anybody however herself.

There is a horrific scene within the present’s seventh season that may stick to me eternally.

Jaime and Cersei’s solely daughter, the harmless Myrcella, has been murdered by a poisoned kiss from Ellaria Sand. As revenge, Cersei locks Ellaria and her personal daughter Tyene in a dungeon and delivers the identical poisoned kiss to Tyene, leaving Ellaria in chains. She’ll not solely watch her beloved daughter die, however be stored alive to look at Tyene’s physique rot away.

It is a numbingly horrific torture, and it does not come out of nowhere. We already know Cersei misplaced her mom as a younger woman, when Girl Joanna died giving delivery to Tyrion — the primary motive Cersei needed to hate her little brother. After that demise, she’d marvel about her mom’s physique decomposing, having nightmares of watching it occur. When Myrcella died, she envisioned the identical course of occurring to her once-golden daughter. Forcing that torture on one other particular person might need scrubbed these photographs out of her personal thoughts, which have to be a disturbing and darkish place even on its greatest days.

However was Cersei actually discovering some type of justice for Myrcella? Most likely not. She might have beloved her kids, however she was by no means above utilizing them. She used Joffrey and Tommen to sit down the throne whereas she wielded the true energy, and she or he despatched poor Myrcella to Dorne as a type of human buying and selling card.

Most lives imply little to Cersei, which is a horrible high quality in a human and a scarily highly effective one in a pacesetter. In the latest episode, she has Missandei publicly beheaded as casually as she may pour one other glass of Arbor Pink. Even the kid she’s carrying has already turn out to be one other pawn to her, one thing she will use to maintain Euron loyal to her and hold his ships on her aspect.

Cersei’s finish, when it comes, seemingly will not be stunning. The prophecy she was given as a baby by Maggy the Frog proclaims that her little brother will strangle Cersei as soon as her tears have drowned her. She’s all the time thought that meant Tyrion, however everybody who’s ever watched the present is satisfied it is Jaime, as a result of his betrayal could be a lot extra personally agonizing for her. They have been collectively within the womb, and it has been stated they’re going to die collectively.

Or perhaps Maggy was unsuitable, and Cersei will die as stoically as she lived, holding on to energy till she attracts her final breath. Every time she does expire, she’ll go away behind a wholly new instance of simply how highly effective, terrifying and complicated a TV villain may be.

What’s that Ramsay Bolton stated again in season 3? “If you suppose this has a cheerful ending, you have not been paying consideration.”

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