Who will win Recreation of Thrones? Our predictions


We’re quickly approaching the tip of Recreation of Thrones and we’ve lots of emotions about that reality. 

A few of us are prepped for disappointment. Others enjoy Cersei Lannister as the best villain in tv historical past. Principally everybody’s upset that Jon Snow did not pat Ghost goodbye.

However seeing as we’re headed towards the endgame (and we have lastly calibrated our televisions accurately), we thought it may be a great time to debate predictions.

Who will in the end win the Recreation of Thrones? Here is what we expect.

Mark Serrels

It is clear at this level that the ship is steering towards the Jon Snow ending, however that is Recreation of Thrones and what you assume goes to occur is nearly meaningless.

It is a powerful one to name. The symbolism of Rhaegal getting shot within the neck by Euron Greyjoy, leaving only one dragon remaining, means that Dany and Jon ruling over the incest realm as an aunt and nephew energy couple probs is not occurring at this level. The sensible cash might be on Jon Snow, given he’s a LITERAL AND ACTUAL MARY SUE, however a super-powered Dany continues to be a chance.

A part of me, nevertheless, would love the twist of Cersei successful ultimately. Look, she may be a sociopath who hates poor individuals, however she’s been by way of quite a bit, OK? She’s been used and abused, her youngsters have been murdered, and he or she reigns supreme in essentially the most patriarchal universe in tv historical past. She has taken on males within the sport of thrones, bending the foundations they wrote, guidelines that work to her absolute drawback, however nonetheless she continues to outplay all of them.

She is my Queen and I’ll perpetually bow right down to her.

Jackson Ryan

Wild fan-fic theories are on the desk now that GoT is racing laborious to the end line, proper? Then the actual winner SHOULD be Scorching Pie.

Scorching Pie truly killed the Night time King. He set Arya on her means again to Winterfell, the place she in the end ended the reign of the Blue Man Group. That makes Scorching Pie essentially the most real, healthful selection to guide the realm into an period of post-Lannister pastry prosperity.

Oh… we won’t go fan-fic? Nicely, uh, nobody. And never like Arya’s No One. Simply nobody. No person wins. All of us lose.

Sarah McDermott

I’ve solely seen the primary episode however I am fairly positive that Sean Bean man’s going to go the space. Lengthy dwell King Sean!

Dan Ackerman

The Jon/Dany power-couple will cycle by way of a number of extra iterations earlier than we’re by way of. First with a “acutely aware uncoupling,” then getting again collectively, splitting once more, and many others. On the finish, it can devolve right into a Rey/Kylo Ren codependent relationship, the place they’re teaming as much as combat a typical enemy one second, then combating one another the following.

However none of that issues, as a result of here is my go-for-broke prediction. As Mark suggests, the present ends with Cersei (nonetheless) on the Iron Throne, her enemies vanquished or exiled. Then the ultimate shot, dollying in on her as she reaches up and… it is Arya Stark carrying a Cersei masks! Minimize to credit.

David Katzmaier

Sansa, with Bran as Hand and Tyrion/Varys because the Arms behind the Hand. After Jon and Dany and Cersei and Jaime kill each other in an enormous four-way battle royale within the throne room, intercut with an epic side-battle that includes the Hound and Arya on one facet versus The Mountain and a surprisingly spry Qyburn on the opposite, Tyrion and Varys crawl out from beneath the wine sidecar in search of somebody, anybody left alive to put on the Throne.


Some assume Cersei has a great shot.


In rides Sansa on the again of Woman (absolutely restored and fluffy because of the Lord of Gentle) subsequent to Rickon on Shaggydog and Bran driving/warging Nymeria. The surviving Northmen and King’s Touchdown widespread people have topped Sansa Queen now that Jon’s lifeless and Drogon goes together with it as a result of RESPECT THE NORTH. All hail the brand new Mom of Dragons and Wolves with a facet of Ravens, no King required.

Patricia Puentes

I actually wished to see the Night time King on the Iron Throne as a result of I used to be a believer in the entire allegory in regards to the White Walkers representing local weather change. And Recreation of Thrones as a cautionary story to take the planet’s wellbeing extra severely actually appealed to me. Now that Westeros appears to be rid of blue-eyed zombies I really feel a bit bummed.

One factor is obvious, I completely do not desire a glad ending for this present and I will be pissed to no finish if Jon+Dany find yourself sharing the throne, holding palms and residing fortunately ever after. Even when they’re a barely incestuous couple.

So both let the cruel Cersei win (she makes for far more entertaining TV than the insipid Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen) or discover a means for the Youngsters of the Forest to create a brand new Night time Monarch and let the undead take the Iron Throne.

Additionally if Recreation of Thrones created an uproar a few Starbucks espresso cup perhaps it may create one other one about single-use plastic.


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Natalie Weinstein

I dreamt about this after seeing a headline (however not studying the story) about Stephen King’s concept. In my dream, Jaime dies whereas killing Cersei simply as she’s about to do one thing actually mad — identical to when Jaime killed Dany’s father. The Mountain kills the Hound. Greyworm kills the Mountain. Dany and her dragon die in battle with Euron. Jon dies attempting to avoid wasting Dany. Yara exhibits up and kills Euron.

Mainly solely a depressing Tyrion is left to rule. My dream did not embrace Arya or Bran, although I’m positive they’ll play necessary roles within the finale. It additionally did not embrace Sansa, however I am guessing she remarries Tyrion and at last turns into queen. Lastly, Qyburn wasn’t in my dream, however he undoubtedly must die a horrible loss of life, alongside the traces of Ramsay.

Regardless of all that, what I really need is for Dany to interrupt the wheel and to rule — with Jon — in peace. However that looks like I am asking means an excessive amount of.


Jon is the plain selection.


Patrick Holland

Cersei kills Jaime

Arya kills Cersei

Mountain virtually kills Hound

Arya kills Mountain

Daenerys goes mad

Jon kills Daenerys

Jon retires up North a la Wolverine

Bronn kills Harry

Yara kills Euron

Podrick kills the women (wink, wink)

Sansa wins the Recreation of Thrones

Ian Sherr

I believe everyone knows the true winner right here: HBO.

Or: Ikea throw rugs.

Jennifer Bisset

I believe it will be Jon as a result of he did not get to kill the Night time King, so that is his time to shine. I’ve no different reasoning.

I hope Sansa guidelines the North and Dany fulfils her future in securing King’s Touchdown — however then she realizes Drogon is not glad in Westeros and flies off someplace the place secret dragons dwell a la How To Practice Your Dragon 3.

All of the characters who’ve some purpose, like Arya killing a great deal of individuals, both obtain their purpose and die, or die earlier than they obtain their purpose. All of them die as a result of in any other case they’d be aimless in Jon’s glad kingdom.

Sean Keane

Dany’s been introduced fairly unsympathetically this season and Jon’s strictly adhered to his father-uncle’s code of honor and decency, making him the plain selection for the throne (even when that honor bought Ned killed and Jon actually does not need to sit on the chair fabricated from knives).

Cersei’s wonderful to observe, however she’s had the throne lengthy sufficient and her uppance badly wants to come back.

Anyway, if it cannot be Oberyn Martell, who even cares? Dracarys!


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