Black caviar, cottage cheese and sweets: the every day ration of Russian astronauts went up in half


Black caviar, cottage cheese and sweets: the daily ration of Russian astronauts went up in half

New particulars have turn into recognized right this moment. lifetime of Russian cosmonauts on the ISS orbital station. Viktor Dobrovolsky, chief designer of house energy, advised TASS in an interview about the price of the every day ration of every astronaut, in addition to what merchandise make up their ordinary menu. Victor stated that over the previous two years, the price of the every day ration of employees of the MKS has doubled (in 2010 it was about 15 thousand rubles).

The price of the astronauts ration per day is 30-35 thousand rubles,

– Dobrovolsky reported.


Victor stated that every crew member of the orbital station consumes about three thousand kilocalories per day: two thousand of them fall on the essential ration, and one on the ration of an extra set, which relies on the needs of the astronauts.

So, the primary menu consists of soups, porridges and dishes from beef, pork, poultry and fish, in addition to varied fruit and veggies (within the astronauts' favorites – lemons, apples, grapefruits and garlic!). As for the extra set, it normally contains varied "earthly" joys: sausage, sweet, chocolate, cottage cheese with berries and nuts, and even black caviar.


Daily, cosmonauts from the ISS order sure merchandise, and specialists from the Earth, based mostly on these needs, work out their orbital menu. Favourite delicacies are delivered to the station employees with the coming Progress truck or the Soyuz spacecraft, which is shipped into house with a brand new crew.

Recall that not so way back we advised intimately in regards to the ordinary lifestyle cosmonauts. On this materials, we found out whether or not there may be intercourse in house, we realized how astronauts observe private hygiene, go in for sports activities underneath weightless circumstances, and way more.


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