Cannes-2019: Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore and others on the opening of the competition


Cannes-2019: Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore and others at the opening of the festival

Selena Gomez

Begins right this moment 72nd Cannes Movie Pageant – and the general public, it appears, as common are ready for eventful days! The opening ceremony is happening at this second and Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez, Jeremy Meeks and lots of different celebrities have already entered the purple carpet.

Stars together with Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez, started to fly on the Cote d'Azur by a number of days earlierSure, and who refuses to barely improve the holiday on the French Riviera. The evaluation has not but begun, and the primary scandals have already shook the Croisette. So, activists of the group "Girls and Hollywood" condemned the competition director Thierry Fremo for the choice to award the honorary prize to Alain Delon, as a result of the cult French actor and intercourse image of the 60s – "sexist, racist and homophobic“On the press convention, the top of the competitors defended Delon’s deserves for the cinema as finest he may, and thus far he didn’t refuse to present him the particular Golden Palm department.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Selena Gomez” title=”Selena Gomez”/>

Eva Longoria "src ="
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria "src ="

However let's wait, what surprises the competition week will deliver us! In any case, if Quentin Tarantino will be referred to as fortunate – his movie "As soon as in Hollywood" (As soon as upon a time in hollywood) nonetheless managed to get at this system Cannes, though the director has delayed all of the deadlines because of the delayed modifying, the competition destiny of Abdellatif Keshish – the director participates within the competitors program – remains to be unclear. The very fact is that final yr prices of sexual harassment have been introduced in opposition to him, and the investigation has not but been accomplished, and subsequently Keshish’s struggle for the highest prize additionally causes outrage amongst many activists.

However tonight, all of the squabbles and gossip for a few hours will certainly be forgotten, as a result of on the opening day all consideration is directed to the star company of the competition and their modern garments! Tomorrow, we historically select essentially the most fashionable on the purple carpet, however for now we propose you have a look at celebrities who arrived on the Palace of Festivals and Congresses among the many first.

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Julianna moore” title=”Julianna moore”/>
Julianna moore

<img top = "425" width = "640″ title=”Eva Longoria” alt=”Eva Longoria "src ="”/>

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Tilda swinton” title=”Tilda swinton”/>
Tilda swinton

<img top = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Tilda swinton” title=”Tilda swinton”/>

Isabel Goulard "src ="
Isabel Goulard

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Javier Bardem and Charlotte Gainsbourg” title=”Javier Bardem and Charlotte Gainsbourg”/>
Javier Bardem and Charlotte Gainsbourg

El Fanning "src ="
El fanning

El Fanning "src ="

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Alessandra Ambrosio” title=”Alessandra Ambrosio”/>
Alessandra Ambrosio

Bill Murray "src ="
Invoice murray

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Sarah Driver and Jim Jarmusch” title=”Sarah Driver and Jim Jarmusch”/>
Sarah Driver and Jim Jarmusch

Virginie Ledoyen "src ="
Virginie Ledoyen

 Jeremy Mix "src ="
Jeremy miks

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Chloe Sevigny and Adam Driver” title=”Chloe Sevigny and Adam Driver”/>
Chloe Sevigny and Adam Driver

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Chloe Sevigny” title=”Chloe Sevigny”/>
Chloe Sevigny

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Adam Driver” title=”Adam Driver”/>
Adam Driver

Romy Streyd "src ="
Romi streyd

Amira Kasar "src ="
Amira Kasar

Araya Alberta Hargate "src ="
Araya Alberta Hargate

Carolyn de Megre "src ="
Caroline De Megre

Carolyn de Megre and Yarol Pupo "src ="
Caroline De Megre and Yarol Pupo

Gong Li "src ="
Gong li

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Masha Meryl” title=”Masha Meryl”/>
Masha Meryl

Frederic Bell "src ="
Frederic Belle

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Barbara Meyer and Clemens Hallmann” title=”Barbara Meyer and Clemens Hallmann”/>
Barbara Meyer and Clemens Hallmann

Angela "src ="

<img top = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Titian Rocca” title=”Titian Rocca”/>
Titian Rocca

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