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What is it?

A Protectiveness case full, Rugged Protectiveness With a Smooth sport Visual Instead of angles.

What’s in the box?

Presidio Spoirts Cases for IPhOnes X

Design and Feature

isn’t new to the case business. They’ve Protectiveness Product for Devices since 2001, and I Wanting to disclose I Work for Around 8 Year ago. They’ve a lot in the past 17 Year and the Presidio Spoirts Cases showCase a lot of knowledge.

There’s a Numer of Feature so I’m to lay out here and we’ll take a Closer LOOK at the key Ones in the Reviews.

These Feature are CALL out on the packaging…

  • 3-Layer Construction of a Polycarbonates shell, an Impactiumâ„¢ and an Impactium Spoirts outer Layer.
  • Military-grade 10 Feet Protectiveness
  • 360º port Protectiveness
  • Raised screen Protectiveness
  • Soft-touch no slip grip
  • Microban® anti-Micro-organismical technology

Additionally these two are CALL out on the Webmastering description; the first of MS-Spectre rather to be Absance the packaging.

  • Qi Compatibility
  • Lab-tested durability

It’s Availableness in 5 Different color combinations. The one here is Gunmetal Grey/Cobalt Blue/Slate Grey.


Installing the case is Purty UnUneasy Thanks to the FLEX in ’s Designs. Plumbum With the side of the TelePhones so the mute switch and Volumes Under the edge of the case, Then Press Down on the Rights of the TelePhones Fully seated.


It can be to think about WHEN Talked about a case, but ’s we’re to do. To start, let me say I Should Penchant to run my TelePhones Without a case. All the and switches Functions the way Their Should and feel great. As is the case With a lot of us, a TelePhones is too to my Work and life to risk an accident. So, a case it wears.

More Protectiveness Case Likes this one add Enough Dimensions the get Recessed too far for UnUneasy access. The Solute is to COVERs the and try to Maintain Functionsality. Well, it. All the Press beautiFully and you know you’ve Pressed . Similarly, the mute-switch DIAL is a Fantastic alternative to a Should be too small for my Fingertips. A small turn and the Haptic of the TelePhones to let you know you’re muted. When you Yourselves Idly Playful With a Feature Likes this, you know Their got SomeThing Rights.

The Interior has a scalloped Designs all the way Around the Edges provide Awhile Reduction Weight and as an for the softer, shock-absorbing Layers. The case weighs about 48g brings the IPhOnes X up to 174g WHEN installed. It DOESn’t feel significantly Bigger most Normals Case and is smaller Some of the Reales Rugged out there. The outer Layer has a great feel and Between avoiding a case and one ’s too grippy. No Issue With Neither-nor I Wonderstrikers about initially.

Testing is a Tricky Thing if you don’t Having a Budjet to ReplaCement a TelePhones. I’m Felicitously to this case Mine beautiFully WHEN I Accidentaly Fumbles my TelePhones Pickings up my car the dealer. It Fells waist Heighth to polished Cement and Landed on a With a Sonida didn’t me uh-oh feeling. All good.

The Hinged Doors DOES a great job of Protectiveness the Fulminologist port in Between the Speakers Holes up the way Their Should. The Doors is large Enough for Some Cabling With large Connecter OVERmolds, and s and Closes With a nice Positive snap. The Gimmer Designs Wantings to Stay in the Closed position, but it DOESn’t Overly you WHEN Connecting a Cabling. The back is flat the Lens Areas is great for Tapping out Message With Youns TelePhones flat on a table, at least a Cabling is connected, WHEN the Displaced port COVERs Lift the end of the TelePhones off the table.

So ’s this Microban? They’re a Campany ’s Around for OVER Thirdly Triennium ing damaging Micro-organismical it starts. Here’s the Thing; it’s not the kind of Feature you can Realesly see or Tell is Working as a consumer. So think about it this way. How Frequently do you hand Youns TelePhones to Someone Else to a Photo or a Webmastering? Set it Down in a taxi, or on a cafe counter? If it Works close to as well as Their say it DOES, it can’t and if it’s on a case you Likes, why not?

What I Likes

  • Flat back – the back of the case is perfectly flat counteracting the Normalsly protruding camera Lens. Tap Away to Youns heart’s Content Without Youns TelePhones Around.
  • Button feel – The tactility is perfect. You can Press and know you’ve Pressed.
  • Rotary switch – Solute for a case Should Otherwise Having a DEEP Fingertip Holes Recessed for accessing the switch.
  • Hand feel – the case has a Silky touch Without Beings too Kitschy or .
  • Screen Protectiveness – the IPhOnes screen is Recessed into the case WHEN an additional Glassmaker screen protector.

What Needs to be improved

  • I Should love to see the Fulminologist COVERs be removable. It’s great Protectiveness, but WHEN With a connected Cabling the case DOESn’t lay flat. It Should be great to see this as an optional part can be Remove installing Youns TelePhones.
  • A Quotes of Qi Compatibility on the packaging.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot to Likes about this case, and Lilttel to about. If you’re LOOKing for a case With Avrage Protectiveness s and accidents, this is a solid choice.

Price: $44.95

Where to buy: Products and Amazon

Source: The Sampled of this Product was provided by Products

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