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Drogon the free.


Tying up Recreation of Thrones in a neat, little bundle was all the time going to be troublesome. It is a sprawling fantasy epic with dragons and magic and a solid of characters that rivals 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Recreation of Thrones season eight finale: Our watch has ended


After the credit rolled on The Iron Throne, the final episode ever, and a wave of reduction washed over everybody, there have been nonetheless some manifestly apparent questions left to reply. We have met so many characters over time and had so many intertwining threads to tie up that Recreation of Thrones was all the time going to depart us scratching our heads a bit.

We’re diving into all of the questions the collection by no means answered right here, so take word: You are getting into Spoiler City.

In fact, for those who’re over asking questions and would relatively get solutions, you may learn our full recap of the ultimate episode which matches deep on the destiny of the Iron Throne or head to our have a look at the place each character completed up now the present is lastly over. 

With out additional ado, this is a number of the lingering threads we’ll doubtless by no means see tied up.  


Hey, uh… the realm’s strongest weapon is simply roaming within the East. The equal of a nuclear bomb with wings. Simply roaming round, presumably consuming all of the sheep and goats that graze in Essos. That may’t be secure for anyone. We have seen Drogon torch little boys! What if some enterprising magician or pirate works out a approach to catch Drogon? The Recreation of Thrones simply begins yet again.

Bran does inform us within the remaining episode his need to trace Drogon down, presumably together with his warging skills. Why cannot he simply warg into Drogon after which dive as far down within the ocean as potential and depart him there? We’ll by no means know. 

The Dothraki Horde

There are a couple of burning questions from the ultimate episode that relate to the Dothraki, the horse-bound warriors who eat hearts, and appeared completely obliterated by the Battle of Winterfell. Remarkably, they nonetheless have a major power and are complicit in Dany’s torching of King’s Touchdown.

The Dothraki solely make their approach to Westeros underneath the guiding hand of Queen Daenerys, who lastly helped them cross the slender sea. They have been unflinching of their loyalty to Dany so after Jon kills her within the Throne Room it appears weird we do not get to see any repercussions of that motion and the way it impacts the Horde. What we do see, ultimately, is Jon has been captured and held prisoner by the Unsullied. He is alive, completely tremendous — just a bit extra beardy. Jon higher have thanked the Lord of Gentle for that save as a result of the Dothraki simply leaving him to rot in a cell is decidedly not Dothraki.

Second: The whole Dothraki horde are actually in Westeros. Are we to imagine they simply… go residence? Their chief is so lifeless and so they simply let or not it’s? What are they going to do now? Who’s going to offer them ships to depart Westeros? These dudes are scared of the water!

The Dothraki downside leaves behind one of the vital complicated questions of the present. Despite the fact that it was problematic, it could have been simpler to say goodbye to the horde by the hands of the Night time King’s military, again in episode 3.

Daario Naharis


Daari-no extra.


Bear in mind ol’ Daario Naharis? The Tyroshi mercenary that was as soon as Dany’s adviser and lover boy? On the finish of season 6, as Dany readies her assault on Westeros, she leaves Daario in Mereen with a small military to defend the Bay of Dragons. That is the final we hear of him apart from an off-handed point out in season 7. Daario was a reasonably noble warrior and useful with a blade however his love of Dany impressed her to depart him within the East — it could develop into an excessive amount of of an issue as she made a tilt on the throne.

The Honeycomb and the Jackass

One of many collection long-running secrets and techniques, Tyrion’s story about bringing a honeycomb and a jackass to a brothel, is a legend in its personal proper. The joke has been teased two occasions earlier than the finale — when he’s a prisoner on the Eyrie, in season 1, and through a scene in season 6 the place he shares wine with Gray Worm and Missandei. 

On the small council assembly within the finale’s remaining minutes, he begins the story once more and — for a fleeting second — plainly we’re poised to lastly hear how the story ends. Then the digital camera cuts away. Boo.

Bran the Bro

There is a ton of questions on our new King, however let’s persist with the simple one: What on Earth is Bran’s function on this world?

Bran takes over because the Three-Eyed Raven and, based on Samwell, turns into the world’s reminiscence. He shops the entire realm’s tales and histories in his mind. He may “warg”, taking management of different dwelling beings, however his eyes glaze over and he turns into ineffective. Bran the Damaged has acknowledged, a number of occasions, that he’s not Brandon Stark. However that energy opens up even greater, scarier questions.

May he see all of the loss of life and destruction that Dany was going to rain down on the individuals of King’s Touchdown? If he did, is not he considerably complicit in that genocide? That is accent to homicide! Bran’s seen conflict crimes and simply allow them to go unpunished. Do not give me the sob story “he cannot change issues that may occur” both. He turned CNET’s second favourite character Hodor into the person he ended up changing into.

Bran’s powers additionally appear, in a means, to counsel that nobody has any free will. It is best not to consider it.


Simply eager about all these conflict crimes I forgot to cease.


Varys’ birds

Though a number of the strongest lords and women in Westeros make the choice to take a seat Bran on the brand new seat of energy, it isn’t instantly clear if that is the desire of your complete continent and all its homes. If Varys did get some ravens away (we’re result in imagine that is unlikely however…) earlier than being dracarys’d, then the phrase of Jon’s parentage can have filtered all through the kingdoms by now.

There’s certainly going to be some that do not need an omnipotent god-man that may actually management human our bodies together with his magic because the almighty ruler. They’ve seen this type of factor go poorly earlier than.

No Iron Throne, however an Iron Financial institution


Throne gone.


The Iron Financial institution of Braavos was launched early on in Thrones’ story, but it surely’s solely in season four when it actually comes into its personal. The financial institution is infamous for amassing on its money owed and works with each Stannis and Davos and ultimately Cersei. In season 7, the financial institution sends Tycho Nestoris to gather on the money owed that the Lannisters owe.

The necessity to pay the financial institution off helps spur Jaime and Bronn to move to Highgarden and ransack the place. They squirrel their riches again to King’s Touchdown earlier than Dany’s forces assault within the well-known LOOT TRAIN battle. Earlier than the battle, we see Tycho for the final time, chatting away with Cersei in Maegor’s Holdfast. Cersei explains to him that Qyburn has requested for the companies of the Golden Firm to assist her win the approaching conflict and he is more than pleased to.

“Relaxation assured, Your Grace,” he says. “You may rely on the Iron Financial institution’s assist, as quickly because the gold arrives.”

So we’re led to imagine Cersei required extra help from the Iron Financial institution to rent the (ineffective) Golden Firm and the dashing Harry Strickland earlier than being crumpled by bricks. Did she pay the financial institution again? With what cash? We all know there’s not loads of gold left for the King as a result of the ultimate small council assembly within the finale sees bickering between Davos and Bronn. Will the Iron Financial institution come to gather their debt from Tyrion, the final Lannister — or will they lead one other rebellion in opposition to the Damaged King?

Arya’s White Horse


Plot horse.

Helen Sloan/HBO

Two phrases: glue manufacturing unit. Wait, no, I imply: plot gap.

After discovering a white horse on the finish of the penultimate episode, Arya rides out of King’s Touchdown at a gallop after which… we see her watching Jon from a distance in King’s Touchdown within the subsequent episode? It is a jarring about-face I think will solely appear extra preposterous must you ever resolve to binge watch the ultimate season. It is simple to argue that it does not matter (and, nicely, it does not), however for those who have been questioning what occurred to Shadowfax, you will need to hold questioning.

The Prince/Princess That Was Promised?

Do not even ask begin to consider this prophecy. It should solely finish in distress. Whilst you’re at it, any questions concerning the Night time King or the Lord of Gentle you need to neglect about too. 

Primarily, prophecy was a giant a part of the ebook collection but it surely by no means fairly got here into its personal within the tv present. Whether or not that’s as a result of the present tried to avoid the extra fantasy parts or as a result of the writers simply forgot is actually an open-ended query proper now. The promised prequel, nevertheless, could reveal a number of the secrets and techniques of the ultimate season — significantly the genesis of the Night time King and his military.

Flat Earth Principle

If the idea of planetary formation holds true for Westeros, the world they reside on needs to be spherical. In case you proceed to sail West, ultimately, you will end up again in Westeros. Arya’s journey might be remarkably brief, relying on how huge the world is. In a realm that has dragons — gigantic flying beasts that roam wherever they need — and power-hungry tyrants, is not it just a bit unusual that nobody has ever ventured West? 

Even within the exploration days in the actual world, individuals have been crusing boats into the unknown virtually as quickly as we may sail. In keeping with the books, the Sundown Sea is especially harmful, however… uh… dragons?

Which may imply the world of Recreation of Thrones is totally flat and exists on the again of 4 elephants, themselves resting on the again of an enormous turtle. I ponder what Kyrie Irving thinks.

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