spicy hen & waffles (62g protein meal!!!) • meals #dEATS: > chicken- breaded with…

spicy chicken & waffles (62g protein meal!!!) • food #dEATS: > chicken- breaded with…” /><br />spicy hen & waffles ? (62g protein meal!!!)<br />
•<br />
meals  <a href=#dEATS:
> chicken- breaded with @bobsredmill almond flour + egg, after which air fried
> waffles- used @birchbenders protein combine + @girlandthesea collagen for much more protein ??
protein content material:
> chicken- 23g
> almond flour- 18g
> waffle mix- 12g
> collagen- 9g
store @girlandthesea collagen with the hyperlink in my bio and use the code ANDREA for a reduction ???

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