Polar bears, fishing and world warming: Elena Perminova and Alexander Lebedev journey round Greenland


Polar bears, fishing and global warming: Elena Perminova and Alexander Lebedev travel around Greenland

Alexander Lebedev and Elena Perminova

32-year-old Elena Perminova prefers it seaside view – she typically goes to the ocean (the Maldives are particularly keen on her) and spends time on its shore together with her 59-year-old lover Alexander Lebedev and their three kids, nine-year-old Nikita, seven-year-old Yegor and five-year-old Arina. However unexpectedly for his followers just a few days in the past, Perminova, alongside along with his life companion went to discover the distant snow area – the island of Greenland. Now Instagram stars have been replenished with photographs of fantastic landscapes.

Elena Perminova
Elena Perminova
Feelings going wild, it's simply past phrases! Abrupt local weather change and wardrobe give thrills,

– Elena shared her first impressions.

This nation, although extremely fascinating, didn’t take Perminov and Lebedev’s kids right here – the local weather and the unaccustomed type of relaxation compelled the couple to go away their sons and daughter at house. As well as, based on the mannequin, it’s fairly troublesome to sleep there – in Greenland now it’s a polar day.

Alexander Lebedev and Elena Perminova

Throughout this era of the yr in Greenland there are polar days, which final without end, as a result of the solar doesn’t set over the horizon in any respect. The subsequent sundown will probably be in September. For the primary time in my life I see nights actually "white." Ideally suited for many who prefer to be photographed – the sunshine is cool, however sleep, truthfully, shouldn’t be straightforward,

– she mentioned.

Because the mannequin itself admitted, there are some issues with communication on the island, so it goes irregularly on the Web.

For nearly 10 days of their keep in Greenland, Perminova and Lebedev have already managed to get on the icebreaker ship into the open ocean, met the polar bear and even went fishing.

Elena Perminova

However magnificence beauties, and there are issues the place extra vital. Throughout the remaining Perminova attended to the problem of world warming and printed a video through which an area resident explains that the planet is approaching the collapse of the ecological system.

I noticed with my very own eyes, once we flew, close to the airport and the place the place the boat moored, the whole lot was within the snow and there have been ice floes within the water, precisely 5 (consideration, 5!) Days we returned to the identical place, and I I didn’t acknowledge, there was not even a hint of snow and ice left … Native persons are shocked, for the primary time they see this …

– informed Perminova.

Elena's concern was handed on to her subscribers. They thanked her for elevating such a subject and publishing a video with a translation from English (you’ll be able to watch it in her chosen movies from Greenland on Instagram).

Lena, thanks for overlaying this subject! What a pity that consciousness of the whole lot comes after. Yearly you discover an increasing number of how unstable climate and what cataclysms happen on the planet,

– Followers supported her.

Elena Perminova
Alexander Lebedev and Elena Perminova
Alexander Lebedev and Elena PerminovaElena Perminova


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