Science says it is protected to drink 25 cups of espresso in the present day – so why do I really feel so grim?


10am, Monday morning. My editor asks me to aim to drink 25 cups of espresso by 1pm and write about what that’s like. It’s OK, I received’t die, he – and science – says.

Espresso has been beforehand thought to stiffen arteries and improve the chance of a coronary heart assault or stroke, however a new research by researchers at Queen Mary College of London and part-funded by the British Coronary heart Basis has discovered that consuming 5 cups a day – even 25 – is not any worse than one.

I’ve had one at residence, fairly robust, from the moka pot, with a dollop of frothy milk, and usually I’d have one or two extra over a morning. However that is analysis, I take my journalism very significantly. I’ve two extra shortly, black, from the workplace espresso machine (Colombian beans, fairly good, sparsely). After which one other, regardless that I actually don’t need it.

11am. My arteries won’t be hardening, and my coronary heart doesn’t appear to be racing, however – and it’s an enormous however – I’m feeling a bit queasy and under no circumstances like extra espresso proper now. And I’ve had solely 4. Simply 21 to go, then. Besides that’s the quota for the day, and I’ve simply received the morning, so perhaps I can get away with 12? Nonetheless, the thought of one other black espresso makes me really feel sick. I’m going out for one.

Associated: Moka pot, machine, filter or prompt – which produces the very best espresso?

12pm. I am going to Pret a Manger for a cappuccino. Further shot? That will rely as two proper? Shot me up. And a receipt – I’m completely expensing this. However that’s nonetheless solely six. I suppose decaf could be dishonest …

1pm. I handle two extra. OK, one and a half, seven and a half in whole. That’s it, I’m finished. I’m not simply feeling nauseous, however jittery and shaky, too. Who the hell are these caffeine freaks who drink 25 coffees a day?

I don’t care if the pointy-heads at Queen Mary say it’s not doing my coronary heart well being any hurt, I really feel grim. Additionally, espresso breath! Maybe they need to do a research into that: the consequences of 25 cups of espresso in your oral hygiene. Now I’m going to see my editor, to snap at him, and breathe on him.


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