Which novelist gave a eulogy at Benny Hill’s memorial service? The Weekend quiz


1 What “extinct” fish was caught off South Africa in 1938?
2 Who’s the “first selfie-made billionaire”?
3 What comprised John Knox’s “monstrous regiment”?
4 What marker days fell in the course of a Roman month?
5 Which Rachel Carson ebook helped encourage the environmental motion?
6 Who was Billy on the 1923 FA Cup closing?
7 Which novelist gave a eulogy at Benny Hill’s memorial service?
8 Rebecca Ferguson and Keeley Hawes each performed which queen on TV?
What hyperlinks:
9 Röntgen; van’t Hoff; Prudhomme; Dunant and Passy; von Behring?
10 Dogme 95; Yugoslav Black Wave; New Queer; Mumblecore?
11 Kalaallit Nunaat; Ellan Vannin; Jèrri; Ísland; Ynys Môn?
12 The Tiger Who Got here To Tea; The Quatermass Experiment; English Passengers?
13 Black (Go and draughts); white (chess); Miss Scarlet (Cluedo)?
14 Emperor Nero; Princess Anne; Albert II of Monaco?
15 Steinbacher; Brecon Buff; Pilgrim; Toulouse; Sebastopol?

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The solutions

1 Coelacanth.
2 Kylie Jenner.
3 Ladies (particularly, feminine rulers. The First Blast Of The Trumpet In opposition to The Monstrous Regiment Of Ladies, printed 1558).
4 Ides.
5 Silent Spring.
6 A gray police horse (the so-called “white horse closing”).
7 Anthony Burgess.
8 Elizabeth Woodville (in The White Queen And The Hole Crown).
9 First Nobel prize winners in 1901: Physics; Chemistry; Literature; Peace; Drugs.
10 Movie actions.
11 Native names for islands: Greenland; Isle of Man (Manx); Jersey (Norman French); Iceland; Anglesey (Welsh).
12 E book by Judith Kerr; TV sequence by her husband Nigel Kneale; novel by son Matthew Kneale.
13 Goes first (in recreation).
14 Took half within the Olympic Video games.
15 Breeds of home geese.


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