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Thee Oh Sees, Smote Reverser

Take a look at observe: Sentient Oona

Fifty years after the each the 13th Ground Elevators and the Beatles broke up, the psychedelic music they helped invent continues to be alive and nicely. The Oh Sees have launched an album a yr by means of a lot of the 2000s, and in the event you like your rock a bit bizarre and a bit heavy, Smote Reverser is a superb place to begin. 

Sentient Oona begins with a pair of natural-sounding drum kits within the left and proper channels, and slowly builds to some guitar histrionics and Hammond B3 SKROOOONKs!!. The lead guitar at 1:33 is fairly brilliant, but when it makes you need to depart the room or throw off your headphones you may need to attempt to mood the midrange one way or the other. Strive a rug or some smoother-sounding headphones.

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