Nailya Askerzade, Paulina Andreeva, Ekaterina Vilkova, Aglaya Tarasova and different TEFI-2019 nominees


Nailya Askerzade, Paulina Andreeva, Ekaterina Vilkova, Aglaya Tarasova and other TEFI-2019 nominees

Nailya Askerzade

Introduced nominees for the annual award TEFI-2019 for the very best achievements within the discipline of tv. As ordinary, candidates for the award had been divided into two broad classes: “Daytime broadcast” and “Night Prime” (within the first – 14 nominations, and within the second – 20).

Naila Askerzade, Paulina Andreeva, Ekaterina Vilkova, Aglaia Tarasova, Sergey Bezrukov, Yevgeny Mironov and plenty of, many different movie and tv stars had been among the many nominatives of this yr.

The award ceremony will happen on October 2 on the Moscow Musical Theater.

The checklist of the principle nominees for the TEFI-2019 award:

"Lead of the morning program"
Alexander Karlov, Alexey Kiyan, Roman Fishkin, Irina Ivanitskaya "This Morning" ("Star")
Anton Lipovsky, Andrei Zaitsev, Roman Schukin, Anna Hrupina "This Morning" ("Star")
Maria Karpova, Maxim Mitchenkov "Calendar" (OTR)
Natalya Maltseva "Maltseva" (NTV)
Ksenia Borodina "Restart" (TNT)
Sergey Malozemov "Morning. The Greatest" (NTV)
Alexandra Glotova, Roman Demchenko "Temper" ("TV Heart")
Regina Todorenko "Regina + 1" ("Friday")
Svetlana Zeynalova, Timur Soloviev "Good morning" (Channel One)
Rodion Gazmanov, Irina Pudova "Immediately. The Day Begins" (Channel One)
Alexander Myasnikov "About an important" ("Russia 1")

"Daytime TV sequence"
"Secrets and techniques of Mrs. Kirsanova" ("Russia 1")
"Miracle" (TV-3)
"PI Pirogov" ("Tremendous")
"Mukhtar. New Footprint" (NTV)
"Perceive. Forgive" ("House")
"Detectives" (Channel 5)
"Crimes of Ardour" ("House")
"Anatomy of a homicide" ("TV Heart")
"Vacationer Police" ("Friday")

"Main info and analytical ultimate program"
Vadim Takmenev, Anna Yankina "Central Tv" (NTV)
Evgeny Gusev "Information. The principle factor" (Channel 5)
Ekaterina Abramova "TOGETHER" ("World")
Anna Prokhorova "Within the heart of occasions with Anna Prokhorova" ("TV Heart")
Andrei Dobrov "Dobrov on the air" (REN TV)
Peter Tolstoy "Tolstoy. Sunday" (Channel One)
Pavel Zarubin "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" ("Russia 1")
Mikhail Shvydkoy "Agora" ("Russia Ok")


Anatoly Malkin "Folks and Passions of Alice Freindlich" ("Russia Ok")
Nikolai Alexandrov "The form of speech" (OTR)
Sergey Nikolaevich "Cultural Change" (OTR)
Olga Orlova "Hamburg account" (OTR)
Dmitry Kirillov "My Story" (OTR)
Fedor Bondarchuk "Cinema in Element" (CTC)
Kira Proshutinskaya "She and She", launch "Maxim Galkin" ("TV Heart")
Vladimir Legoyda "Parsuna" ("Spas")
Yuri Nikolaev "Sincere Phrase" (Channel One)
Alexey Yagudin "Ice is melting with Alexei Yagudin" ("Match TV")
Dmitry Borisov "Unique" with Dmitry Borisov (Channel One)
Andrei Malakhov "Andrei Malakhov. Stay", the discharge of "The Major Secret of Sergei Zverev" ("Russia 1")
Nailya Askerzade "Actors with Nailya Askerzade" ("Russia 1")

"Leisure discuss present prime time"
"Center Circle" ("Russia Ok")
"2 VERNIK 2" ("Russia Ok")
"Anticipate me" (NTV)
"The celebrities converged" (NTV)
"Secret to one million" (NTV)
"It was night" (ITS)
"Home-2. Metropolis of Love" (TNT)
"Tonight" (Channel One)
"I don’t imagine! Discuss with an atheist" ("Savior")
"AGENT SHOW" with Anastasia Ivleeva ("Friday")
"Andrei Malakhov. Stay" ("Russia 1")
"Hiya, Andrey! Night present of Andrey Malakhov" ("Russia 1")
"Quartet 4×4" ("Russia Ok")

"Main leisure discuss present prime time"
Vadim Vernik, Igor Vernik "2 VERNIK 2" ("Russia Ok")
Alexander Lazarev, Tatiana Arntgolts "Anticipate Me" (NTV)
Lera Kudryavtseva "Secret for a Million" (NTV)
Michael Schatz "It was night" (CTC)
Olga Buzova "Home-2. Metropolis of Love" (TNT)
Ksenia Borodina "Home-2. Metropolis of Love" (TNT)
Vlad Kadoni "Home-2. Metropolis of Love" (TNT)
Olga Orlova "Home-2. Metropolis of Love" (TNT)
Maxim Galkin, Julia Menshova "Tonight" (Channel One)
Anastasia Ivleeva "AGENT SHOW" with Anastasia Ivleeva ("Friday")
Andrei Malakhov "Hiya, Andrei! Andrei Malakhov night present" ("Russia 1")
Andrei Malakhov "Andrei Malakhov. Stay" ("Russia 1")
Vadim Eilenkrieg "Membership 37" ("Russia Ok")

"Main social and political discuss present prime time"
Dmitry Lyskov "RIGHT! YES?" (OTR)
Olga Skabeeva, Evgeny Popov "60 minutes" ("Russia 1")
Andrei Norkin "Assembly Place" (NTV)
Dmitry Kulikov "The Proper to Know" ("TV Heart")
Dmitry Symes, Vyacheslav Nikonov, Marina Kim "The Large Sport" (Channel One)

"North Present" (RU.TV)
"World Thoughts Video games" ("World")
"New Star" ("Star")
Present "Ural dumplings" (STS)
"Millionaire on the vydane" ("Yu")
"The house of NTV Margulis. New Yr. Uninvited friends" (NTV)
"You’ll not imagine!" (NTV)
"Thank God you got here!" (CTC)
"Prozharka" (TNT4)
"You’re tremendous! Tremendous season" (NTV)
"Every thing besides the same old" (TV-3)
"Come on, all collectively!" ("Russia 1")
"Superb folks. Season 3" ("Russia 1")
"One to One. Nationwide Season" ("Russia 1")
"Headphones" (CTC Love)
"Knives" with Konstantin Ivlev ("Friday")
"Improvisation" (TNT)
"The place is the logic?" (TNT)

"Main Leisure Program"
Elena North "North Present" (RU.TV)
Oscar Kuchera "New Star" ("Star")
Catherine Odintsova "Millionaire on the difficulty" ("U")
Evgeny Margulis "NTV Residence at Margulis. Yuri Stoyanov" (NTV)
Sergey Svetlakov, Alexander Nezlobin "Thank God, you got here!" (CTC)
Yana Troyanov "The Final Hero. Actors vs. Psychics" (TV-3)
Nikolay Baskov "Come on, all collectively!" ("Russia 1")
Alexander Gurevich "Superb folks. Season 3" ("Russia 1")
Igor Vernik, Alexander Oleshko "One to One. Nationwide Season" ("Russia 1")
Igor Chekhov, Dmitry Enin "Headphones" (CTC Love)
Konstantin Ivlev "On Knives" with Konstantin Ivlev ("Friday")
Azamat Musagaliev "The place is the logic?" (TNT)

"Tv movie / sequence"
"Cry of silence" ("Russia 1")
Moscow Secrets and techniques ("TV Heart")
"Sultan of my coronary heart" (Channel One)
"Operation" Devil "(Channel One)
"Purple bracelets" (Channel One)
"Outdated Ladies on the Run" (Channel One)
"On the sting" ("Russia 1")
"And we now have within the yard-2" (Channel One)
"Code" (Channel One)
Foundling (First Channel)
"Sparta" (Channel One)
KOP (Channel One)
"Main: Season 3" (Channel One)
"Extraordinary Girl" (TV-3)
"Nevsky. Alien amongst strangers" (NTV)
"Workplace rat" (NTV)
"Out of Sport" ("Tremendous")
"Implementation" (NTV)
"Baker and Magnificence" (CTC)
"Mothers of Champions" (STS)
"Higher than folks" (Channel One)
"Love underneath the contract" ("House")
"Mama" ("House")
"My favourite goal" ("House")
"Within the reflection of you" ("House")
"Personal. Season 2" (Channel One)
"Guardians of the Fatherland" (Channel 5)
"The Magnificent 5" ("Channel 5")
"T-34" ("Russia 1")
"Speakerphone" (TNT)
"Burn it!" (First channel)
The Lancet (Channel One)
"Norway" (Channel One)
"Secrets and techniques of town of EN" (Channel One)
"Copper Solar" (NTV)
"Northern Lights" ("TV Heart")
"Titmouse" ("TV Heart")
"Feminine model" ("TV Heart")
"Ambulance" (NTV)
Yr of Tradition (TNT)
The Fortune Teller (Channel One)
"Backyard Ring" (Channel One)
Godunov (Russia 1)

"One of the best actor of a tv movie / sequence"
Ali Ersan Duru "The Sultan of My Coronary heart" (Channel One)
Andrey Smolyakov "Operation" Devil "(Channel One)
Philip Ershov "Purple Bracelets" (Channel One)
Kuzma Kotrelev "Purple Bracelets" (Channel One)
Denis Paramonov "Purple Bracelets" (Channel One)
Gleb Kalyuzhny "Purple Bracelets" (Channel One)
Azamat Aliyev "Purple Bracelets" (Channel One)
Artem Bystrov "Scream of Silence" ("Russia 1")
Nikolay Fomenko "On the sting" ("Russia 1")
Sergey Puskepalis "And in our yard-2" (Channel One)
Sergey Puskepalis "Cipher" (Channel One)
Andrey Smirnov "Dinosaur" (NTV)
Anton Shagin "Foundling" (Channel One)
Alexander Petrov "Sparta" (Channel One)
Kirill Zaitsev "KOP" (Channel One)
Pavel Priluchny "Main: Season 3" (Channel One)
Artyom Tkachenko "Sparta" (Channel One)
Anton Vasiliev "Nevsky. Alien amongst strangers" (NTV)
Konstantin Strelnikov "Stationery rat" (NTV)
Alexander Pal "Tolya Robotic" (TNT)
Sergey Lavygin "SenyaFedya" (STS)
Sergey Burunov "Ivanov-Ivanov 3" (STS)
Semen Treskunov "Ivanovs-Ivanovs 3" (STS)
Mikhail Trukhin "Ivanov-Ivanov 3" (STS)
Kirill Kyaro "Higher than folks" (Channel One)
Denis Nikiforov "Youth season 6" (STS)
Pavel Trubiner "Mama" ("House")
Jacob Shamshin "Guardians of the Fatherland" ("Channel 5")
Sergei Vorobyov "Guardians of the Fatherland" ("Channel 5")
Nodar Dzhanelidze "The Magnificent 5" ("Channel 5")
Alexander Petrov "T-34" ("Russia 1")
Pavel Trubiner "The Lancet" (Channel One)
Evgeny Mironov "Norway" (Channel One)
Vladimir Mashkov "Copper Solar" (NTV)
Vadim Andreev "This dusty summer season" ("TV Heart")
Gosha Kutsenko "Ambulance" (NTV)
Alexey Makarov SMERSH (REN TV)
Mikhail Porechenkov "Fortune Teller" (Channel One)
Sergey Burunov "Mylodrama" ("Friday")
Anatoly Bely "Backyard Ring" (Channel One)
Alexander Yatsenko "Dangerous climate" ("Russia 1")

"One of the best actress of a tv movie / sequence"
Anna Starshenbaum "Moscow secrets and techniques" ("TV Heart")
Alexandra Nikiforova "The Sultan of My Coronary heart" (Channel One)
Victoria Isakova "Operation" Devil "(Channel One)
Yana Sekste "Operation" Devil "(Channel One)
Stasya Miloslavskaya "Purple Bracelets" (Channel One)
Alina Sargina "Scream of Silence" ("Russia 1")
Diana Pozharskaya "On the sting" ("Russia 1")
Ravshan Kurkova "And we now have within the yard-2" (Channel One)
Mariana Spivak "Cipher" (Channel One)
Ekaterina Vilkova "Cipher" (Channel One)
Elena Panova "Code" (Channel One)
Yana Dubuy "Cipher" (Channel One)
Anna Banschikova "Snoop 3" (Channel One)
Victoria Isakova "Inform the Reality" ("Russia 1")
Aglaya Tarasova "Foundling" (Channel One)
Anna Snatkina "KOP" (Channel One)
Karina Razumovskaya "Main: Season 3" (Channel One)
Lyubov Aksenova "Main: Season 3" (Channel One)
Anna Mikhalkova "Extraordinary Girl" (TV-3)
Elena Podkaminskaya "PI Pirogov" ("Tremendous")
Ekaterina Vilkova "Mothers of Champions" (STS)
Anya Chipovskaya "Baker and Magnificence" (CTC)
Paulina Andreeva "Higher than folks" (Channel One)
Elizaveta Boyarskaya "Crow" (NTV)
Julia Melnikova "Mama" ("House")
Yana Troyanova "Olga" (TNT)
Inga Oboldina "Burn!" (First channel)
Victoria Isakov "Burn!" (First channel)
Anna Bolshova "Marusya" ("TV Heart")
Catherine Olkina "Fortune Teller" (Channel One)
Maria Mironova "Backyard Ring" (Channel One)
Svetlana Khodchenkova "Godunov. Continuation" ("Russia 1")


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