Maxim Galkin confirmed how their daughter Alla Pugacheva and Lisa do yoga


Maxim Galkin showed how their daughter Alla Pugacheva and Lisa do yoga

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with kids Lisa and Harry

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva kids develop up very creative and open. It isn’t stunning that the five-year-old Lisa and Harry are fixed heroes of the Galkin instagram, which pleases subscribers with house picture and video sketches with the participation of a daughter and son.

Lisa Galkina
Lisa Galkina

Lisa Galkina

The fellows improvise on the go, particularly Lisa likes to do it, who’s already an actual little actress. This time, the woman confirmed dad and brother find out how to do yoga and meditate. Judging by the video, the infant has already mastered the lotus place completely.

Harry Galkin
Harry Galkin

After all, within the feedback they as soon as once more admired the woman’s attraction and charisma, and once more started to seek out out who regarded extra like whom:

Maxim, Lisa appears like mother Alla, and charisma, character, nature – your copy! And Harry, quite the opposite, externally is your copy, and your character, nature is like that of Alla,

– observed one of many followers.

70-year-old Pugacheva and 43-year-old Galkin with kids at the moment are in Jurmalathe place the household rests each summer season. They stroll loads, spend time actively and meet pals – e.g. with Laima Vaikule.

Maxim Galkin with his son Harry
Maxim Galkin along with his son Harry


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