Jennifer Lopez spoke in an interview about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez and her role in Strippers


Jennifer Lopez spoke in an interview about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez and her role in

Jennifer Lopez

50 year old Jennifer Lopez things are going well! Star getting ready for the wedding with her boyfriend, 44-year-old baseball player Alex Rodriguez, and releases the movie "Strippers"(Hustlers), in which she played a major role, and also acted as the executive producer of the project. Variety spoke with the actress and singer about the main news in her life now and took a picture for the cover of the latest issue.

About the romance with Alex Rodriguez
Alex likes to go to my every show when there is such an opportunity. And I attend all his baseball games. I had times when everything went well in my career and personal life. And it so happened that in personal terms – stability, and professional affairs are not going uphill. Now, probably, for the first time in my life, I managed to achieve harmony between work and personal life. I think it was Alex who harmonized my life. I like. Everything is fine with him,

– said Jennifer.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

About filming in "Strippers"

I was terrified. I felt as if I had been unexpectedly caught in some bad occupation. I have never done anything like it! Who is this woman?! At the same time, the dancer should have a mood on the stage. She must be strong and courageous. When you call yourself a rock star, you have to go out to the crowd with an arrogant look, otherwise nothing will work. Strippers have the same game conditions. Dancers are tough and difficult, vulnerable and injured. To play such a character is a great luck,

– says the actress.

Jennifer Lopez

About participation in the musical reality show "American Idol"
American Idol was a turning point in my career. Everyone dissuaded me from participating: they said that the producers would cease to offer roles. To which I replied: “The truth is that they don’t offer me a lot of films anyway”

– added Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez


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