"New Wave – 2019": Natalia Oreiro, Svetlana Loboda, Ani Lorak and others at the creative evening of Igor Krutoy


Natalia Oreiro

SPLETNIK.RU continues to talk about the "New Wave – 2019", which these days passes in Sochi. Just a few hours ago, a concert dedicated to the New Wave Hall ended hero of the day this year and the general producer of the competition Igor Krutoy. On stage that evening sounded golden hits by the maestro performed by Irina Allegrova, Svetlana Loboda, Dima Bilan, Leo Leshchenko, Philip Kirkorov, Angelica Varum and many others. We tell how it was!

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The creative evening was opened by Yegor Creed with the song "Cool", partly dedicated to the producer of the "New Wave", and continued with nostalgic hits, which the whole audience happily sang along with. So, Irina Allegrova performed her crowned “Wedding Flowers” ​​and “Clouds”, Alexander Serov once again remembered what it was like to “love to tears”!

Especially touching was the performance by Igor Krutoy and the closest members of his family, Olga's beloved wife and children. Together they sang the song “I Will Love You Always” and made many viewers cry.

Alexandra, Victoria and Olga KrutyeAlexandra, Victoria and Olga KrutyeAngelica VarumAngelica VarumAni LorakAni LorakDima BilanDima BilanPhilip Kirkorov
Philip Kirkorov

According to tradition, Philip Kirkorov was one of the first to appear on the red carpet today, this time without children. The king of Russian pop art eagerly posed for photographers, but was laconic and quickly went on stage, where he performed two hits at once – “A Thousand Years” and “My Joy”.

Alexander Serov, on the contrary, did not want to go out on the red carpet of the “New Wave – 2019”. Instead, the singer told reporters how in the late 1980s Igor Yakovlevich created the song "Madonna" for him, which to this day is one of the most iconic in his repertoire.

Once I said to Igor: "Cheer up! You need to get together and write something, but I will try to fulfill all this and make arrangements." Then he got inspiration! With a light stroke of a pen on musical paper, he wrote the notorious Madonna, which bombed the entire Soviet Union,– remembered Serov.

Alexander SerovAlexander Serov

Most of all, on the red carpet today, perhaps, they were waiting for the special guest of the New Wave, Natalia Oreiro. The singer went to the journalists in a translucent dress and with a signature disarming smile.

Hi, how are you?– Natalia addressed journalists and fans with a pleasant Spanish accent.

Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro

Oreiro gladly posed for the reporters, thanked her fans for the warm welcome, sent them kisses, and then went on stage, where she performed the hit “Acapulco” with Roberto Kel Torres.

<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Natalia Oreiro” alt=”Natalia Oreiro "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0084.jpg”/>Natalia Oreiro

Svetlana Loboda, as yesterday bypassed the red carpet side. Egor Krid, Igor Nikolaev and Irina Allegrova did the same. The latter, by the way, almost never poses for photographers and does not like to be filmed during concerts – This time, too, was no exception.

<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0020.jpg” alt=”Svetlana Loboda” title=”Svetlana Loboda”/>Svetlana Loboda<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0031.jpg” alt=”Igor Nikolaev” title=”Igor Nikolaev”/>
Igor Nikolaev
<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/20190825-volna2-1.jpg” alt=”Irina Allegrova” title=”Irina Allegrova”/>
Irina Allegrova

The concert ended with the song "Guardian Angel", which the host of the evening Igor Krutoy performed with Irina Allegrova, Valery Leontyev, Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak and Nikolai Baskov. After the star, we went to an auto party, where we continued to enjoy a warm Sochi evening to the best hits of Igor Krutoy.

<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Igor Krutoy” alt=”Igor Krutoy "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0055.jpg”/>Igor Krutoy<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Irina Allegrova” alt=”Irina Allegrova "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0060.jpg”/>Irina Allegrova<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Svetlana Loboda” alt=”Svetlana Loboda "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0065.jpg”/>
Svetlana Loboda
<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Philip Kirkorov” alt=”Philip Kirkorov "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0059.jpg”/>
Philip Kirkorov
<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Dima Bilan” alt=”Dima Bilan "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0063.jpg”/>Dima Bilan<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Ani Lorak” alt=”Ani Lorak "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0079.jpg”/>Ani Lorak<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Valery Leontiev” alt=”Valery Leontiev "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0082.jpg”/>Valery Leontiev

By the way, tomorrow the first day of the competition will start on New Wave. This time, 13 finalists from 11 countries of the world will try their luck: Azerbaijan, Albania, Italy, Moldova, Ukraine, the USA, Russia and other parts of the world. Follow our news!

<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0024.jpg” alt=”Natalya Ionova” title=”Natalya Ionova”/>Natalya Ionova<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0005.jpg” alt=”Yusif Aivazov and Anna Netrebko” title=”Yusif Aivazov and Anna Netrebko”/>Yusif Aivazov and Anna Netrebko<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0042.jpg” alt=”Keti Topuria” title=”Keti Topuria”/>Keti Topuria<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0007.jpg” alt=”Yana Rudkovskaya” title=”Yana Rudkovskaya”/>Yana Rudkovskaya<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0009.jpg” alt=”Lev Leshchenko with his wife Irina” title=”Lev Leshchenko with his wife Irina”/>Lev Leshchenko with his wife Irina<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/07/yana/2019.08.25_-_Volna_Day_2_0032.jpg” alt=”Dima Bilan” title=”Dima Bilan”/>Dima Bilan


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