USB-C Coming to 2019 iPhones in a Totally Different Way than Everyone Expects


Apple’s new-generation iPhone is just around the corner, and thanks to the plethora of leaks that have made the rounds in the last six months or so, we know pretty much everything about these upcoming models.

One of the things that are yet to be confirmed, however, concerns the highly-anticipated switch to USB-C, a connector that Apple was believed to be ready to embrace starting with the 2019 generation.

Rumor originally had it that Apple planned to give up on Lightning and use USB-C on the 2019 iPhones, but more recently, people familiar with the matter said the Lightning isn’t going anywhere this year. In other words, if you want USB-C on the iPhone, you need to wait until at least 2020 when the next generation comes out.

And yet, there is a chance that USB-C still makes its way to the 2019 iPhone, albeit not in the way that you expect it.

USB-C to Lightning cable

A tweet published by ChargerLab, who has a mixed track on iPhone scoops, claims USB-C would be used on the iPhone charger, instead of the traditional USB port that we already have on the adapter.

Basically, this means that the cable that the iPhone 11 will ship with will be USB-C to Lightning, so you’ll be able to easily plug it in your MacBook to take advantage of faster charging speeds.

Needless to say, this isn’t something you should take for granted, and even though the cited source claims this comes from a high-level executive, you better wait for Apple to confirm that this USB-C port is indeed being added to the iPhone charger.

All three new iPhones should see daylight sometime next month, so we’re only a few weeks away from the moment this is supposed to happen.


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