I only support peace and non-violence!


26 Aug – Hong Kong actress Patricia Liu is not interested in expressing her support for any side in the Hong Kong vs China issue, saying that all she wants is to live in a peaceful country.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke about the recent protest during an appearance at the Hong Kong premiere of “Angel Has Fallen”, stated that the only thing that she will not support is violence.

“Don’t ask me whether I support yellow or blue. I have no colour. Everything has a solution. You can’t just complain and oppose, everything has a room for improvement,” she said.

It is noted that blue was the colour of the ribbons that counter-protesters of the previous 2014 protest used in their march in support of the police, while yellow ribbons signify supporters of the protest.

Patricia said that unlike the United States, where everything is taxed, Hong Kong is a duty-free paradise for shopping and gourmet.

“Hong Kong is actually very competitive. I hope the violence will end, and everybody can calm down and solve the problem together,” she said.

(Photo Source: Singtao Daily)


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