What to watch in the movies in September: film adaptation of the bestselling book "Goldfinch", "Strippers" with Jay Lo, "To the Stars" with Pitt and not only


What to watch in the movies in September: bestseller film adaptation

Brad Pitt. Frame from the movie "To the Stars"

It is sad to admit it, but the summer has come to an end. However, you should not be upset: in September you will definitely not be sad, because he turned out to be very rich in movie novelties. The premieres of the first autumn month, which, in our opinion, are worth paying special attention to your attention.

"It 2 "/ It Chapter Two (September 5)

Actors: Bill Skarsgård, Finn Wulfard, Jessica chastain, James McAvoy, Sofia Lillis, Bill Hader, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jake Viry.

Synopsis. We begin the September cinema by watching the second part of the film adaptation of the cult novel by Stephen King "It". This time, the film will unfold 27 years after the meeting of a group of schoolchildren with the clown-child killer Pennywise.

The heroes of the franchise have matured, dispersed to different cities and began to live a quiet life. True, this is disturbed by one strange phone call … It has returned.

Jessica Chastain Movie frame
Jessica Chastain Frame from the film "It 2"

"Dangerous Secrets" /Official Secrets (September 5)

Actors: Dave Simon Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Ralph Fiennes, Matt Smith, Indira Varma, Rhys Evans.

Synopsis. At the center of the story is British intelligence spy Katherine Gan, who, at the risk of freedom, life and marriage, makes the republic a secret letter exposing the governments of the United States and Great Britain in their illegal invasion of Iraq.

The film "Dangerous Secrets" directed by Gavin Hood is based on real events. He was previously featured at the Sundance Independent Film Show and San Francisco International Film Festival.

Keira Knightley Movie frame
Keira Knightley Frame from the film "Dangerous Secrets"

"Work without authorship" / Werk ohne Autor (September 5)

Actors: Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch, Paula Beer, Saskia Rosendahl, Oliver Mazucci, Hanno Koffler, Kai Kors, Eugene Sidikhin.

Synopsis. In his new directorial work, Florian Henkel von Donnersmark tells the story of a young artist, Kurt Barnert, who escapes from East Germany to West, where he intends to study painting. However, the past does not let him forget about himself – in his beloved father he recognizes the person responsible for the terrible crimes. The artist will expose the man, of course, through his paintings, which later become the manifesto of a whole generation.

"Work without authorship," by the way, has been favored by many film critics. At the Venice Film Festival last year, the tape won two awards (the Arca Cinemagiovani Award for the best film by the youth jury, the Leoncino d Oro Agiscuola Award), and was also nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

Movie poster
Poster for the film "Work without authorship"

“Where did you go, Bernadette?” / Where'd You Go, Bernadette (September 5)

Actors: Cate blanchett, Judy Greer, Kristen Wiig, Troian Avery Bellisario, Billy Crudap, Lawrence Fishburne.

Synopsis. The comedy-drama film directed by Richard Linklater is the story of the talented architect Bernadette. All those around consider the woman’s life ideal: a loving husband, a wonderful daughter, a cozy house … However, Bernadette herself does not think so. Moreover, one day she simply disappears – Bernadette sets off in search of himself and true happiness.

Cate Blanchett. Movie frame
Cate Blanchett. Shot from the movie "Where did you go, Bernadette?"

Odessa (September 5)

Actors: Irina Rozanova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Ksenia Rappoport, Evgenia Brik, Stepan Sereda, Stanislav Eventov, Sergey Muravyov.

Synopsis. In the first days of September, a new painting by Valery Todorovsky – “Odessa” will also be released to the public. For the director, this project has become one of the most important in life – the film is assembled from personal memories of Todorovsky, like a puzzle.

The tape will take viewers to Odessa in 1970. August. Heat. The city is full of holidaymakers. Flies there, on a visit to the father-in-law with the mother-in-law, and the international journalist Boris, along with his eight-year-old son. That's just they will not be able to relax – it is on this day that cholera quarantine is announced, the city is closed. During the time that Boris will be forced to spend there, many incredible events will occur, as well as family secrets will be revealed and a lot of forbidden love will happen.

The composer of the picture, by the way, was Anna Drubich (daughter of actress Tatyana Drubich and director Sergei Solovyov), who had previously managed to work as a music author along with Marco Beltrami for the film "Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood" by Quentin Tarantino.

Movie poster
Poster for the film "Odessa"

"Goldfinch" / The Goldfinch (September 12)

Actors: Ansel Elgort, Oax Frigley, Anarin Barnard, Finn Wolfard, Sarah Paulson, Luke Wilson, Jeffrey Wright, Nicole Kidman, Ashley Cummings, Willa Fitzgerald.

Synopsis. "Goldfinch"Perhaps one of the most interesting premieres of the month. The film was based on the novel of the same name by American writer Donna Tartt, published in 2013. For her work, she received many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for the 2014 art book. Needless to say, the novel became a bestseller, which then everyone was talking about. And now we will see a story well known to us on wide screens.

The film will tell the story of Theodore Dekker, whose mother died during a terrorist attack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There, during a panic and chaos happening around, an unfamiliar dying old man hands the boy a painting by Karel Fabrizius. The incident turns the world of Theodore.

Nicole Kidman and Ansel Elgort. Movie frame
Nicole Kidman and Ansel Elgort. Frame from the film "Goldfinch"

"Strippers" / Hustlers (September 12)

Actors: Constance Wu Jennifer Lopez, Julia Styles, Keke Palmer, Lily Reinhart, Cardi Bi, Madeleine Brewer, Mette Tauli.

Synopsis. The main characters of the film "Strippers" – Sexy and very ambitious dancers of an elite club, whose clients are well-known financiers from Wall Street. And when, due to the banking crisis, women lose their savings, she comes up with a daring plan to get her money back and take revenge on exchange geniuses.

Jennifer Lopez. Movie frame
Jennifer Lopez. Shot from the film "Strippers"

Sorokin Trip (September 12)

Synopsis. In September, it will not do without documentary films – the premiere of the film "Sorokin Trip" is coming. The director's chair of the project was occupied by Ilya Belov, Anton Zhelnov worked on the script, and the operator was Mikhail Krichman.

In the frame, writer Vladimir Sorokin, who for the first time and very openly talks about his life, recalling his childhood in a workers' village near Moscow, friendship with underground artists, persecution by the KGB, love of Russian literature and more.

Movie poster
Poster for the movie "Sorokin trip"

Sunday (September 12)

Actors: Alexey Vertkov, Vera Alentova, Vladimir Ilyin, Alexandra Child, Ilya Viktorov, Maxim Bityukov, Agniya Kuznetsova, Maria Leonova, Marina Brusnikina.

Synopsis. For the first time, the picture of Svetlana Proskurina was presented in the spring of this year as part of the Moscow International Film Festival, while the crime drama is being released for rent only now.

In the center of history is a well-known official from the city hall of a provincial Russian city who receives a note with the words "You'll die soon." Without emphasizing the message, the man lives according to the schedule. But only Sunday will pass this time in a different way …

Movie poster
Poster for the movie "Sunday"

The Secret of the Dragon Seal (September 19)

Actors: Jason Fleming Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Dance, Jackie Chan, Rutger Hauer, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Pavel Volya.

Synopsis. The film "The Secret of the Dragon Seal" is a large Russian-Chinese project with a budget of almost $ 50 million, which is the background to the film "Wii 3D".

According to the plot, the English traveler Jonathan Green receives an order from Peter I for the production of maps of the Russian Far East. The cartographer will have a long journey, incredible adventures, dizzying discoveries, acquaintances with Chinese princesses and martial arts masters, and also Wii will meet on his way. What turns out to be stronger – unwavering skepticism or ancient black magic? …

Movie poster
Poster for the movie "The Secret of the Dragon Seal"

Zeroville / Zeroville (September 19)

Actors: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jackie Weaver, Megan Fox, Joey King, Will Ferrell, Dave Franco, Craig Robinson.

Synopsis. James Franco took off Zeroville back in 2014, however, the picture is being released for wide release only now.

Franco himself acted not only as a director of the project, but also played one of the main roles in it – student Ike Jerome, who studies as an architect, but dreams of a big movie. And fate brings him to Hollywood, where Ike gradually becomes his own. That's just a journey into the world of cinema ends in tragedy.

Megan Fox. Movie frame
Megan Fox. Shot from the movie Zeroville

"Rambo: Last Blood" / Rambo: Last Blood (September 19)

Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Pas Vega, Yvette Montreal, Oscar Haenada, Luis Mandilor, Jessica Madsen, Sheela Shah.

Synopsis. Rambo returns to the screens! This time he will again have to pack up and become a ruthless killing machine in order to look into the eyes of the past and walk a mortally dangerous path. Is there anything else to say? Perhaps it’s better to look at it.

Sylvester Stallone. Movie frame
Sylvester Stallone. Shot from the movie "Rambo: The Last Blood"

"The Room of Wishes" / The Room (September 19)

Actors: Olga Kurilenko, Kevin Janssens, Marianne Burg, Francis Chapman, John Flanders, Eric Gigou, Carol Wayers.

Synopsis. Desire Room is another horror movie in Olga Kurylenko’s portfolio.

The focus is on a couple in love who decides to move from a noisy metropolis to a secluded mansion. Having started repairing a new family nest, young people discover a walled room, which, as they later understand, fulfills all their desires – so that they do not want, everything instantly materializes. And at some point, having already received quite a lot, the main character dares to wish a child, but she does not even suspect which deal she agrees to …

Olga Kurilenko. Movie frame
Olga Kurilenko. Shot from the film "Desire Room"

The Curse of Mary / Mary (September 19)

Actors: Gary Oldman, Jennifer Esposito, Emily Mortimer, Stephanie Scott, Michael Landis, Owen Teague, Manuel Rulfo.

Synopsis. In order to ensure a better life for his family, David acquires a rather old ship at auction – shipping, he believes, will improve his financial situation. However, after the first sailing on the ship, strange things begin to happen on board the ship. It soon becomes clear that the purchase of a sea vessel was not only not at all a profitable business, but also extremely dangerous.

Movie poster
The poster for the movie "Curse" Mary "

"To the Stars" / Ad Astra (September 26)

Actors: Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, Ruth Negga, Anne McDaniels, John Ortiz, Lauren Dean.

Synopsis. Close attention this month is also worth paying to the fantastic feed. "To the stars"whose world premiere took place this week as part of Venice Film Festival. The director of the film is James Gray, who has accounted for only seven films. And before that, it is worth noting that he did not work in the genre of fiction.

As for the plot, the film tells about an astronaut who goes on a journey through the galaxy in search of his father – many years ago he went in search of an extraterrestrial civilization and disappeared.

Brad Pitt. Movie frame
Brad Pitt. Frame from the movie "To the Stars"

"Hero" (September 26)

Actors: Alexander Petrov, Vladimir Mashkov, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Jan Alabushev, Konstantin Lavronenko, Marina Petrenko, Anastasia Todorescu.

Synopsis. Andrei (Petrov's hero) is the son of an agent of the foreign intelligence service of Colonel Rodin. After the school for the training of special agents "Youth", where Andrei studied under the guidance of his father, was closed, he decided to start a new life in Europe. But his dream was not destined to come true: the call of his father, whom Andrei considered dead, made him immediately run away, because, as it turned out, a hunt was announced for him. His beloved Masha (she was played by Svetlana Khodchenkova), who also studied in “Youth” and has excellent skills as a special agent, will help him flee and fight with his pursuers.

Movie poster
Poster for the movie "Hero"

The Beast (September 26)

Actors: Elena Lyadova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Sevastyan Bugaev, Yan Runov, Evgeny Tsyganov, Anna Ukolova, Konstantin Topolaga.

Synopsis. A great grief happened in the family of Igor and Polina – their beloved six-year-old son disappeared. Four years later, they decide to adopt the boy in the hope that this will help them survive a personal tragedy. However, after some time, the couple begins to notice some oddities in the behavior of the new member of their family – the child adopted by them turns out to be not at all the sweet creature that they saw him initially …

Movie poster
Poster for the movie "Creature"

Hell's Kitchen / The Kitchen (September 26)

Actors: Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elizabeth Moss, Donal Gleason, James Badge Dale, Brian D'Arcy James, Jeremy Bobb.

Synopsis. The film takes place in New York in 1978. Three housewives, Kat, Katie and Ruby, whose mafia husbands, who kept the Hellish kitchen area under their control, find themselves behind bars, decide to continue the work of their other halves. Strange as it may seem, exemplary wives and mothers succeed very well: very soon, not only the authorities, but also the main competitors of their spouses pay attention to them.

Tiffany Haddish, Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Moss. Movie frame
Tiffany Haddish, Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Moss. Shot from the movie "Hell's Kitchen"

"With Love, Antosha" / Love, Antosha (September 26)

Synopsis. A documentary dedicated to the actor Anton Yelchin, who died tragically three years ago.

In June 2016, actor Anton Yelchin was found dead near his home in Los Angeles. The 27-year-old actor, having received a fatal head and chest injury, died due to a strong blow – he did not put his car on the hand brake and was caught between the bumper and the brick pillar.

Picture, which premiered this winter at the Sundance festival, tells about the life of Yelchin, his parents who emigrated from Russia to the United States, and his career. The film will show archive footage and videos from the life of Yelchin, as well as the memories of many Hollywood stars, such as Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicolas Cage, worked with him.

Movie poster
Poster for the film "With Love, Antosha"

"After wedding"/After the Wedding (September 26)

Actors: Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup, Will Chase, Abby Quinn, Doris McCarthy, Susan Blackwell.

Synopsis. A remake of the Danish film nominated for an Oscar in 2006.

Isabelle (character Michelle Williams) lives in India, where she works in an orphanage in Calcutta. One day, she suddenly receives a large grant for a shelter and decides to fly to New York to personally meet those who did it. So she meets Teresa (heroine Julianne Moore) – the head of a large media company and a very wealthy woman. Friendship is struck up between them, and Teresa invites Isabelle to her daughter's wedding. Then all the fun begins: the past is confronted with the present, random events find an explanation, and secrets are unraveled.

Michelle Williams Movie frame
Michelle Williams Shot from the movie "After the Wedding"


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