Raw & Exposed I give myself permission to fully come out of hiding. I invite you…


🌸Raw & Exposed🌸
I give myself permission to fully come out of hiding. I invite you to also grant yourself this permission. Be open & truthful. We all have history. We all have pasts. That does not shape the person who we are today or choose to be in this moment. How we choose to react to our experiences is another matter in itself.
So here are 7 things about me. You may know, or maynot know…
.🌸1. Over 11 years ago i had a boob job and despised them to get them removed 1.5 years later!
.🌸2. About 13 years ago had a massive car accident to the point the police were amazed I come out alive with only an elbow to reconstruct. .
.🌸3. I have hardley worn knickers for, hmmm, about 3 months now. Restrictions suck!
.🌸4. Sometimes I eat slow cooked lamb ribs for breakfast as I am not vegan and havent been for well over 4 years even though alot of people perceive that is what I am.
.🌸5. I sometimes wish I could go back to lemuria with the merpeople and not return as sometimes humanity can just be so darn intense. Empath here. Sensitive.
.🌸6. I dated a guy in my early 20’s who was a dealer of recreational drugs & use to drink a lot of alcohol on weekends to the point I’d be oblivious to the nights events.
.🌸7. I’m 35 years old, even if the gal who served me in supre buying clothes thought I was late teens.
I’d love to see everyone else become vulnerable. Once we all come out of hiding. Just imagine. Living in openness. All truth. Just imagine. .
Tab xx
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