School bans fake nails as they have a ‘detrimental effect’ on learning


A school has banned students from wearing fake nails, as they are “having a detrimental effect on their learning”.

Earlier this year, Burnside College in North Tyneside wrote to parents to warn about the effects of acrylic nail extensions.

“We are currently in the process of revising our whole school uniform policy due to the increased number of students attending school wearing acrylic nail extensions,” the statement read.

“Some students are unable to fully access the curriculum and in extreme cases are unable to use a pen, having a detrimental effect on their learning.”

A school has banned students from wearing false nails due to health and safety concerns [Photo: Getty]

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As a consequence of the new ruling, pupils must now keep nails at a “sensible length” which means no more acrylics or extensions. If students are caught with an unsuitable manicure, then they will face “appropriate sanctions”.

But the move has faced backlash after a number of parents complained. One mother even threatened to pull her 15-year-old daughter, Gracie Fish, out of school.

The college ordered the student to remove her green gel nails on health and safety grounds, before a week-long beauty placement at a college in Newcastle.

The school argued that manicures have left some students “unable to use a pen” [Photo: Getty]

When she refused, Fish was ordered to spend the week in isolation instead.

“I just don’t see what part of this is health and safety, especially as she’s doing health and beauty,” her mother argued. “The school claimed they had to be taken off because she was representing the school, but I think she’s been discriminated against.”

“How does this stop her doing a job, especially one to do with beauty? It is pathetic, and she was devastated.”

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Television chat show, ‘Good Morning Britain’, later held a debate on the issue which saw hundreds of viewers back the school’s policy highlighting that “it’s school not a fashion parade”.

“You can socialise on weekends, school is for education not talking about your latest visit to the nail salon,” one commented. “When I was at school we got sent home for wearing make-up or the wrong type of shoes or hair colour.”

Another agreed, writing: “They’ve got plenty of time to get fake nails when they finish school or in the school holidays if they’re that desperate for them.”

“School children do not need false nails I totally agree with the ban,” a third added.

What do you make of the school’s controversial policy?


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