“Ukrainian Kim Kardashian”: what do we know about twerk trainer Maria Skorchenko


Maria Skorchenko

Twerking, or, as it is also called, twerk, originated in the United States in the early 90s of the last century. This dance, a distinctive feature of which is the characteristic movements of the buttocks and hips, became widely popular only a few years ago and largely thanks to Miley Cyrus, performed him at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in 2013.

Today we introduce you to Maria Skorchenko, a professional dancer and teacher of twerk, which is called Ukrainian Kim Kardashian.
Maria Skorchenko

Biography and Education

Maria Skorchenko was born on July 26, 1990. She was engaged in dancing since childhood, but received an education in a completely different field – she graduated from the Department of Architecture of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture.

According to Masha, after graduation, she did not abandon her favorite business – on the contrary, she continued to dance. At first she did this with her friend, and then over time she began to train her and other friends.

Maria Skorchenko

Twerk as a hobby and profession

However, Masha danced in different styles and did not immediately come to twerk. But when he became popular, focused on him.

I knew how to dance it for many years. These movements were used in other styles and at first they were just my thing

She said in an interview.

According to Masha, she learned twerk from the clips of foreign performers – she simply repeated the movements behind them.

So, over time, she became a twerk coach. According to Masha, her clients are people of completely different ages, ranging from schoolgirls to older women. Some, coming to her classes, set themselves the goal of losing weight and tightening their body (twerk, by the way, excellent cardio training!), Others thus struggle with their complexes. And, as Masha notes, after class, many of them become much more confident in themselves.

For Mary herself, twerk is both her favorite job and work. What everyone dreams of, perhaps. Now Mary not only teaches in Kiev, but also goes with master classes to other Ukrainian cities.

I have no doubt: I do what I really love. This is a hobby that has become my job and my main business. I do not make plans for a decade, but as long as I like it, it brings pleasure and money.

She says.

For those who do not have the opportunity to attend Masha’s training, she came up with an online course in which she promises to teach twerk dancing in four weeks.

Become more feminine and sexual, get rid of complexes and improve your body shape!

– the description says to him.

It is suitable for both those who already have experience in twerking, and for beginners. Eight such trainings will cost $ 37-46 (depending on the chosen course).

Maria Skorchenko

Twerk and the reaction of society to it

Despite the fact that the twerk is very popular, it is often criticized – while some consider this dance to be sexy, others call it vulgar.

It’s like short skirts: it doesn’t matter where you wear, when, in which country – there are still people who will be biased towards this.

I learned to separate people that I don’t need – in my environment only those who like what I do,

– says Skorchenko.

Maria Skorchenko

Who are the haters, Masha also knows very well – of course, they write negative comments to her, but she does not stand on ceremony with such users and immediately blocks them.

This does not mean that I am offended – I don’t even know who writes this, I don’t care. But when fans or friends begin to protect me, dirt gets divorced in the comments – and I don’t need it and it’s not interesting,

– Maria admits.

But Masha’s parents had nothing against her twerking. Now, according to Masha, they are her main fans. And when loved ones support you in your endeavors and approve of your hobbies, this is perhaps the most important.

Masha admits that she often refuses public speaking or events, only rarely agreeing to any proposals. So, she starred in the clip of the group "Mushrooms" for the song "Great", and then only because the musicians are her friends.

Hobbies and personal life

Maria spends almost all of her time on twerking classes – her days off are extremely rare. But when there are still some free hours in her schedule, she meets with family and friends and, of course, spends time with her husband Alexander Kutishenko. Maria and Alexander got married in 2017, and then, of course, Skorchenko broke more than one male heart.

Figure and lifestyle

Maria’s beautiful figure is, of course, including the result of twerking (one more workout can burn more than 500 calories!).

Maria Skorchenko
Maria Skorchenko

Maria Skorchenko

However, as the girl admits, she also adheres to strict rules in her diet: for example, she almost doesn’t eat sugar, refused lactose, gluten and meat, preferring fish. She rarely drinks alcohol and other harmful substances. However, if she wants to pamper herself with something, she does not refuse. The main thing, according to Masha, is to listen to your body.

Social networks

Masha is an active Instagram user. Skorchenko, who maintains her blog under the nickname m.a.m.a.s.i.t.a., has more than 400 thousand subscribers. On her Instagram, she publishes vivid pictures from travels and from training and, of course, twerk videos of her own performance – the videos that she accompanies the hashtag # hypnotic backend are especially popular with her fans. Fans call Masha Ukrainian Kim Kardashian, compared with Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj.

Looking at Masha, I would like to ask how she manages to be positive all the time – even when you look at her photos and videos, you are charged with optimism and good mood. But her answer is quite simple and banal:

My lifestyle is to be happy, because I avoid those and those that interfere with this,

She says.

Maria Skorchenko


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