Wanted: A Besamé Cosmetics Fairytale Collection Based on Sleeping Beauty


Wanted: a fabulous collection based on

In the Wanted section, we share new products from the world of beauty that you want to get right now. Today in our wishlist there is a collection based on the “Sleeping Beauty” from Besamé Cosmetics. We talk about a magic mirror, bright palettes of shadows, lipsticks like those of Aurora and Maleficent, and much more.

Like the cartoons themselves, makeup inspired by Disney franchises will never go out of style. Recently, the American cosmetics brand Besamé Cosmetics (a brand known for creating beauty products inspired by the 20s, 30s and 40s) has released a joint capsule collection of decorative cosmetics with Disney. This time it is dedicated not to the Little Mermaid or Snow White, but to The Sleeping Beauty.

Gabriella Hernandez, the founder of Besamé Cosmetics, whose love of makeup began with exploring the contents of her grandmother's makeup bag, looked at the original sketches of the 1959 cartoon, which are located in the Disney store. So, eight products appeared in the collection: lipstick, eye shadow palette, compact mirror and much more.

For the first time, the Sleeping Beauty line was presented to the general public at the exhibition. Disney D23 in California, and then on August 23, the collection became available on the Besamé website (and, yes, there is delivery to Russia).

1959 Eye Shadow Palette (4,500 rubles)

Externally, this palette looks like a fairy-tale book (you can see it at the beginning of Sleeping Beauty), and inside there are 20 matte shades of shadows. All colors are inspired by the color palette of the Disney animators used to create the cartoon. The pages of the book also detail how to use each shade.

Blush and Highlighter Briar Rose Blush Palette (2,330 rubles)

This palette contains four shades of blush and highlighters (shimmering peach, bright coral, sparkling champagne and nude pale pink).

Aurora's Translucent Powder powder (1 200 rub.)

Although this remedy looks pink, in fact it covers the skin with a translucent haze. Its main purpose is to fix makeup for the whole day.

Blush Locket Cream Rouge (1 200 rub.)

Blush medallion look so that you want to take them everywhere with you. Unlike the remedy in the Briar Rose palette, the formula of these rouge has a creamier consistency.

Mirror Royal Vanity Mirror (3 900 rub.)

This 30-cm mirror is ideal for princesses (however, the queens will obviously find use for him). It is decorated with gilded metal, multi-colored (sorry, not precious) stones and, of course, the inscription "Sleeping Beauty."

Blue lipstick Make It Blue Make It Pink Lipstick (1,600 rubles)

The blue hue as if by the wave of a magic wand when applied to the lips turns into pale pink. It responds to the pH of the skin of the lips.

Maleficent Lipstick Cherry Lipstick (1,600 rubles)

Maleficent's dark pink lipstick boasts the deepest and most intense shade from the entire Besamé Sleeping Beauty collection. This color is inspired by Maleficent.

Pink lipstick Sleeping Beauty Pink Lipstick (1 600 rub.)

A makeup collection dedicated to Sleeping Beauty would be incomplete without lipstick inspired by Aurora herself. This pinkish-beige color is most suitable for owners of fair skin.

If you want everything at once, you can buy the entire collection for $ 269.


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