Woman’s ‘genius’ chicken kiev hack goes viral


Whether you like to admit it or not, an old school plate of chicken kiev, chips and beans is sometimes all we fancy after a tough week in the office.

But what if we told you that you’ve been eating it all wrong since childhood?

One woman has gone viral after sharing her “genius” tip for making garlic bread to accompany your meal.

Posting on Facebook, Maria List asked: “Anyone else put a slice of bread under their chicken kievs so it soaks up all that juicy garlic butter and you get a nice slice of garlic bread to go with it?”

Alongside the quite frankly mind-blowing information, List shared a photograph of the clever hack with a before and after look at the creation of chicken kiev infused bread.

For those out there already eager to trial the trick, she added: “pop the bread under five minutes before the kiev is cooked and turn half way. It will suck up all the garlic butter juices and toast at the same time”.

Unsurprisingly, the post proved an instant hit and has since been shared over 18,000 times with fellow Facebook users taking to the comments section to thank List for her tip.

“Omg something so simple but yet never thought of it! Really annoys me that all the juices are lost,” one commented. “Not anymore, thank you.”

“What? This is life changing! Maria, you’ve made my life,” a second wrote.

While another joked that she should be recognised for the hack, as they added: “Omg you should get an award for this life changing advice!”

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It’s worth pointing out that another chicken kiev fanatic also suggested pouring leftover garlic juices onto your chips – another fine idea we’ll be trying out this weekend.

But not everyone is convinced, as a number of horrified social media users felt the need to call out others for their eating habits.

“Why people eat chicken kievs is beyond me,” one Facebook user commented.

Another also failed to understand the hack, adding: “I actually want to be sick.”

The question is, will you be trying out chicken kiev infused garlic bread tonight?

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