10 new snowskin and baked mooncakes to savour for mid autumn festival 2019


By: Alyssa Chung

Goodwood Park Hotel

The pinkish Kiwi Dragon Fruit Manuka Honey snowskin combines tangy kiwi puree with fresh dragon fruit and swirls of Manuka honey for a fruity treat that refreshes the palate. Enjoy it as a box of its own, or as part of the Snowskin Combo ($66), which houses other tropical mooncake flavours like cempedak, mango with pomelo, and D24 durian. With Goodwood Park Hotel also known for its durian-centric creations, durian aficionados shouldn’t miss the Premium Duo (S$62) – here, the coveted Black Thorn and Mao Shan Wang durian are transformed into fragrant snowskin mooncakes.

Tel: +65 6730 1868


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Enjoy the spoils of the durian season with Yàn’s Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake, a new addition to the restaurant’s repertoire of mooncakes. Fresh mao shan wang durian pulp is encased in a pastel yellow snowskin, with just the right filling to snowskin ratio. Available as a set of four pieces (S$98 nett), the durian snowskin mooncakes come in a two-tiered fuchsia box that also doubles up as an elegant jewellery chest.

Tel: +65 6384 5585


Antoinette’s new Peach Truffle Molten Snowskin mooncake adds a burst of fruity freshness to your Mid-Autumn festivities – quite literally. Available as part of the Assorted Mini Snowskin Mooncake Box ($56.50+), this chewy, mochi-like snowskin mooncake sees a fragrant low-sugar oolong paste enveloping a fruity peach truffle that oozes when served slightly warmed, and has a creamy texture when served chilled. Other flavours in the assortment include Salted Yolk Truffle, Crunchy Chocolate Pearls, and Ondeh Ondeh, all of which too boast a molten lava centre.

Tel: +65 6293 3121

Kam’s Roast

Incorporating their signature Michelin-starred roast duck into traditional mooncakes, Kam’s Roast introduces Singapore’s first roast duck mooncake with their Assorted Nuts with Roast Duck Mooncake (S$68 for a box of four; S$18 per piece). This baked mooncake harbours an assortment of nuts and seeds combined with savoury roast duck and sweet lotus paste. Meanwhile, the Red Bean Orange Peel Mooncake (S$68 for a box of four; S$18 per piece) keeps things traditional with an elegant mix of red bean with premium 23-year aged orange peels.

Available for pre-order from both Pacific Plaza and Jewel Changi outlet

Pacific Plaza: +65 6836 7788

Jewel Changi: +65 6513 3718

(PHOTO: Old Seng Choong)

Old Seng Choong

Classic flavours with a modern spin make up Old Seng Choong’s new mooncake offerings. A toothsome treat, the Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa (S$68.80 for a box of four assorted mooncakes) incorporates hand-chopped bak kwa seamlessly into smooth red lotus paste. Taking a cue from local flavours, the orh nee-inspired Yam and Pumpkin Snowskin features fluffy mashed yam encasing a smooth pumpkin centre laced with fragrant shallot oil, while the Pandan with Gula Melaka Snowskin contains pandan-infused lotus paste cradling an aromatic gula melaka and grated coconut centre.

+65 6282 0220

(PHOTO: Shangri-La Hotel)

Shang Palace

Two new melt-in-your-mouth snowskin mooncakes showcase Shang Palace’s innovative take on traditional Mid-Autumn flavours. The Kaya Truffle Snowskin Mooncake pays homage to the beloved coconutty spread, combining low-sugar white lotus paste and assorted nuts with a fresh, house-made kaya centre in a white chocolate shell. The yuzu sake truffle mooncake on the other hand is a creation of white chocolate truffle centre filled with fresh yuzu juice and zest, whose sprightly flavours are grounded with the addition of sweet mellow sake. Both flavours are available as part of the 8-piece Mini Snowskin Mooncakes Box (S$80).

+65 6213 4398 or +65 6213 4473

(PHOTO: Sheraton Towers)

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers

It’s all about healthful indulgences with Li Bai’s new mooncake offerings. Chock-full of heart-healthy nuts, the baked Super Seeds Mixed Nuts mooncake ($76 for a box of 4) incorporates the likes of macadamia nuts, pistachios, walnuts, and chia seeds with natural sweeteners like goji berries, prunes and apricots for a satiating and wholesome treat. The Mini Snowskin Chia Seed Dark Chocolate ($68 for a box of 8) which packs a nutritional punch while satisfying your sweet tooth, combines smooth antioxidant-rich dark chocolate paste and crunchy chia seeds that add a lovely textural contrast.

Tel: +65 6839 5636 / 5623

(PHOTO: Marina Mandarin Singapore)

Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin Singapore

Peach Blossoms keeps things classic with its perennial favourites of baked mooncakes. New to this year’s collection is the Caramel Lotus Paste with Sea Salt and Macadamia Nuts (S$68.80 for a box of 4), an aromatic baked mooncake with a silky caramel-infused lotus paste complete with macadamia nuts for an added crunch. Housing the mooncakes is a two-tiered ruby box with gold accents and delicate floral motifs that makes for an elegant gift.

Tel: +65 6845 1118

(PHOTO: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel)

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

Three Michelin-starred “Demon” chef Alvin Leung unveils his first ever range of mooncakes at The Capital Kempinski Hotel. Leung offers adventurous flavours like the American Fig (S$72 for a box of four), comprising fig-based filling encased in a baked pastry for a healthier mooncake. The Mini Theatre Combo (S$68 for a box of eight) is the perfect way to sample a mix of the Mini Golden Corn and the Mini Caramel Mixed Nuts, which pay tribute to the popcorn and kacang puteh sold at Capitol Theatre back in the 1930s.

+65 6384 1929

(PHOTO: Awfully Chocolate)

Awfully Chocolate

Singapore’s favourite chocolate brand presents its signature chocolate mooncakes with classics fillings encased in crumbly pastry and baked dark chocolate skin, as well as luxuriously-crafted chocolate mooncake truffles with ‘yolk’ centres of espresso, green tea, sour cherry and orange marmalade. Bite into the velvety espresso yolk, encased in decadent dark chocolate filling or unique chocolate-sesame twist with flavourful matcha centre. These Chocolate Mooncake Truffles are priced at S$88 for eight pieces.

Pick them up at Takashimaya Square from now till 13 September. There are over 60 vendors including many homegrown brands to choose from. They include Baker’s Well (try the new TraditionalPremium Ginseng Red Jujube & Wolfberrybaked skin mooncake and Ginseng and Peach Collagensnow skin mooncake) as well as Kwong Cheong Thye which is offering a new and light Roselle Paste Mooncake).


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