Anushka Sharma shares candid video to spread happiness on internet. Watch


a blurry image of a person: Anushka Sharma shared a candid video on the internet. ()© Provided by HT Digital Streams Limited
Anushka Sharma shared a candid video on the internet. ()

Anushka Sharma is enjoying her time accompanying husband Virat Kohli in West Indies and spreading happiness on the web. 

The actor has now shared a candid video on Instagram as part of her Love and Light Project. 

Sharing the video, she wrote, “Chat . Chat . Laugh . Laugh . Make faces . Crack up . Pause . Check mirror . Chat. Chat . Make faces . Laugh . Laugh . Loud . Love . What . You . Do . #LoveAndLightProject & #WorkLoveGratitude.” The actor can be seen laughing, cracking jokes, making funny faces in front of the mirror and having fun while getting her hair done at a salon. 

The actor was successful in her purpose of spreading positive vibes on the internet. TV presenter Archana Vijaya reacted to the video, saying, “When you love your job, it shows!!!” Many of her fans also liked the video. A fan wrote, “My heartbeat will stop.” Another commented to the post, “Soo funny.”

Anushka is currently accompanying Virat on Team India’s Caribbean tour where the men in blue are playing against the host nation. Talking about Anushka in a recent chat with former West Indies cricketer Viv Richards, Virat said, “She guides me in the right direction. The thing that I have learnt from being with her is that if you are willing to do things which are right in your life off the field, then I think that creates your personality on the field to do the same.”

Recently, cricketer KL Rahul shared a picture from their yacht ride on Instagram. It showed Anushka and Virat chilling with a few Team India players after their win in the e win the first Test match against West Indies. 


Anushka had also shared a picture of herself, standing against the sea, and captioned it, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind. #LoveAndLightProject.”



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