Loveland High School junior temporarily suspended after Safe2Tell tip



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A Loveland mom is taking issue with Loveland High School protocols after son was flagged in a Safe2Tell tip on Tuesday.

Justine Myers’ son, a junior, was barred from class Wednesday after a Safe2Tell tip came in about a video he posted on Snapchat.

Myers said she picked up her son, Nate, 16, early from school Tuesday to go shooting at the range for some mother-son bonding. Before they left, Nate posted a video on Snapchat showcasing some of the guns. The two drove up to the mountains and were out of cell range for a while.

When they came back down, Myers said, she had several missed calls, texts and voicemails from her ex-husband. The police had shown up at his house, asking for Nate.

Someone had reported the Snapchat video to the Safe2Tell hotline.

Myers said her ex-husband and Nate’s sister explained to police where he was and what he was doing, and, Myers said, police agreed it was a misunderstanding.

“By the time we got home, we thought it was completely done,” Myers said. “Wednesday morning came and I received a voicemail saying my son was not allowed to be on school campus.”

Myers said she tried to explain that police had cleared him, but the school told her it had to follow protocol.

Thompson School District spokesperson Michael Hausmann wrote in an email that the district couldn’t comment on specific cases, but he did issue a statement.

“The safety and security of our students, staff and visitors is always our number-one priority. When safety-related incidents arise, we must take them seriously and we have gone to great lengths to train our staff and develop appropriate procedures,” Hausmann wrote.

Adding to the frustration, Nate wasn’t even to quickly obtain the school work he’d be missing, Myers said. Nate called the school to see if he could get it, but the school told him he’d just have to get it done later.

Myers and Nate attended a hearing on Thursday with district officials. 

“We walked in and they had his school work,” Myers said. “The hearing was scheduled for an hour, but it lasted about five minutes.”

They warned Nate about posting things on social media, Myers said.

Then, she said, school officials told him he could go back to class.

Myers said she understands threats need to be taken seriously and she’s glad programs like Safe2Tell exist. But she said she’s frustrated that her son still had to miss school when police deemed he wasn’t a threat.

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The Thompson School District Administration building at 800 S. Taft Ave. in Loveland. (Photo: Coloradoan library)

“It should have been squashed Tuesday night,” Myers said.

Myers said at the hearing, district officials didn’t ask any additional questions and didn’t indicate there was any further investigation into her son’s case.

In the email, Hausmann said he couldn’t go into detail on the exact protocols the school followed.

But according to the Safe2Tell website, the investigations process includes a team of adults taking the information in the report to investigate the concern and situation.  

The Coloradoan reached out to Poudre School District to see how the protocols matched up.

Spokesperson Alicia Stice wrote in an email that the district couldn’t comment on hypotheticals or this specific case, but she did offer some insight on how Safe2Tell tips are handled in PSD.

“PSD takes all Safe2Tell reports seriously. Once a Safe2Tell report is received, it is immediately forwarded to a designated team which includes school administrators, law enforcement and PSD Security personnel,” Stice wrote. “The report is investigated, and appropriate law enforcement or school disciplinary action is taken if necessary.”

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