Miles Teller married his sweetheart Kelly Sperry


Miles Teller married his sweetheart Kelly Sperry

Miles Teller and Kelly Sperry

Movie starDivergent"(Divergent) and" Obsession "(Whiplash) 32-year-old Miles Teller first tied the knot. The actor was chosen by his colleague, 26-year-old Kelly Sperry, whom he met since the beginning of 2013.

The lovers themselves have not yet made an official statement, however, the close circle of the couple confirmed that they have now officially become husband and wife. Details of the celebration have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that it took place in Hawaii this weekend.

Kelly Sperry and Miles TellerKelly Sperry and Miles Teller

Recall that Miles and Kelly engaged to two years ago. Teller made a proposal to his beloved during their joint trip to Africa.

These two got engaged during an African safari last weekend! I can't believe the last of the unmarried Sperry's engaged! I love you and it is incredibly happy that you are starting a new chapter in the history of your love!

– Sister Sperry shared her emotions after the engagement of lovers.

Miles Teller and Kelly Sperry did not hide the relationship from fans and journalists from the very beginning of their novel: they often appear together at various premieres, boldly show feelings for each other in public and regularly publish joint photos on Instagram.

In his interviews, Teller admitted that he was incredibly lucky with his lover, because she perfectly complements him:

Before her appearance, I didn’t even have an idea to invite a girl to my world. I did not think that I could combine personal life and work. Kelly alone allowed me to focus on acting and do what I want. She often comes to hang out on the set to visit me, and at the same time manages not to distract me from my work,

– once told Teller about Kelly in an interview.

Notably, this marriage was the first for both Miles and Sperry.

Kelly Sperry and Miles Teller


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