Virginia food trucks battle to help local kids fighting cancer


AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV)— On Sunday, more than 20 food trucks and several local breweries were part of the Virginia Food Truck Battle.

Arey hopes they’ll be able to raise $60,000 through this year’s food truck battle. | Credit: WHSV

“It’s a beautiful thing to look around and see this many people come together for a common cause,” Misty Sprouse, Macie’s mom and a MaDee Project family, said.

The common cause is The MaDee Project. It was founded almost nine years ago in memory of MaDee Boxler, who passed away from pediatric cancer. Now, her family and The MaDee Project give back to local families with children fighting cancer.

The Virginia Food Truck Battle is their biggest event. Marcus Hoyt and the 106 Food Truck Company have been a part of the event every year.

“We really support them,” Hoyt said. “We love what they do out here. It brings a lot of focus to the food trucks, but it also brings focus and support for what they’re really doing.”

Abby Arey, who is MaDee’s sister and works with the project, said this event really brings the community together.

“I love that we can highlight so many aspects of it in one day while also raising money for a cause that gives back to those same people who live here,” Arey said. She added they have many local businesses who help to sponsor the event, and other local charities come to help.

Macie Sprouse and her family have been helped by The MaDee Project since Macie was diagnosed last year. Misty said the program has been a blessing to her family.

“It’s overwhelming, and it makes me emotional to see so many people care about our children.”

If you’d like to learn more about The MaDee Project, or if you would like to donate, you can check out their website.


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