Vladimir Zelensky gave an interview on the occasion of 100 days as president


Vladimir Zelensky gave an interview on the occasion of 100 days as president

Vladimir Zelensky

The week marks 100 days since the 41-year-old Vladimir Zelensky became president of Ukraine. The head of state did not hold a traditional press conference. Instead he gave interview actor Stanislav Boklan, with whom he starred in the series "Servant of the People." SPLETNIK.RU collected the most interesting quotes.

President's morning

I wake up with messages from the front – so many shots, so many losses. I am very glad that now it has decreased significantly. I get these sms three times a day. When there is zero, these are very pleasant moments. Then I kiss my children, my wife. They always sleep when I do this, they don’t even know that I do it, now they’ll find out.

Vladimir Zelensky

About haters in social networks

I react poorly. Very bad. I am such a person … I didn’t do this, I really work, I really want us to win in all matters and in the war, and that everything will be fine in Ukraine. For what?

Vladimir Zelensky

How Elena Zelenskaya feels in the status of the first lady

It is difficult for her because she is a very responsible person. It seems to me that she’s even more responsible than me, because she takes apart every detail. She is uncomfortable, she does not like it when they talk about her, even when they speak well, in social networks. She does not like so much attention.

Elena Zelenskaya

I consult with her, frankly, on very difficult issues, because she has very sober thoughts. Every person needs people who tell the truth. You do not need to be in a warm bath, especially when you are the president of Ukraine, or you have any other responsible position, this is very important.

About Parents

They got closer. Mom called me three times a day, and it happens. We rarely spoke with my father for various reasons, now we are talking more, we have become closer. He tells me things that I have not heard from him for many years. He is proud of me. And when after talking on a particular topic, on serious topics by phone, he advises me a lot of things, and when we finish the conversation, we say to each other: "I love you."

Why doesn’t bike to work

I'll be honest – they’re not letting me. Because of … I will not now name the names of people from whom there may be danger. We get information … And because of this, they do not allow me. And there were already several examples when, figuratively speaking, it was completely dangerous.

Vladimir Zelensky

About why he appointed many of his friends to high positions

The closest people – they are close people, so they were on my team. Who can you trust, what to trust. Go – that in the Donbass, why the bridge is not being built, that in the Village of Lugansk. The old governor says everything is being built here. And you go and see that nothing works here. And so my assistant Sergei Shefir was invited to the information policy, Yura Kostyuk, then my old friend, but he is a professional lawyer, Andrei Yermak, my assistant Masha.

Vladimir Zelensky

We have gender equality. Must be a woman. These are four people. By the way, none of them is godfather, not a brother and not a matchmaker.

Relations with Vladimir Putin

We have no relationship. I called him because I saw the decision of the International Tribunal regarding our sailors and ships, I saw that all the deadlines had passed, and no one was returning our guys to us. And I realized that we can no longer wait, because every day we lose our people at the front, and we lose the possibility of influence in the West about the return of our sailors, and we lose our children. And nobody sees this … Parents of sailors, or children, or wives, they didn’t just picket there. No … But they came here many times – we sat, we talked. They said that, believe us, no one, neither lawyers, nor ombudsmen (although the ombudsmen work), but no one, nor our international defenders, no one will return our children to us. Please call Putin.

Vladimir Zelensky

They really didn’t want, the leaders of my predecessor, they really didn’t want to let me talk with the president of Russia. For them, this is a political issue, and for me, a human one.

I decided to call him, we met, we had a conversation for about 30 minutes. We talked about the return of our guys, about the next steps, about the situation in the Donbass, about the war in the Donbass.

About the upcoming meeting with Donald Trump

We need to meet with the president, get acquainted, look in the eyes, say what interests them in the country, we will say what we need from them. We will not stand with outstretched hands, we offer: invest in the country, we need cheaper money. I understand that there is no trust in the law enforcement system, but we will work on it. We must be a strong, independent country and be proud of it. And to go just say: “Please give us some money, you are such a big country, we will support you” – no, we are a normal country, we just have a war, we are a strong country, and we have very good people, and not more stupid than any America.


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