Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Considers Klay Thompson The ‘Greatest Two-Guard On The Planet’


Is Klay Thompson a better shooting guard than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant?

Despite failing to win their third consecutive NBA championship in the 2018-19 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors still headed into the 2019 NBA free agency with the goal of keeping their core intact. Though they lost Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets, the Warriors managed to bring Klay Thompson back on a five-year, $190 million contract. The Warriors may no longer have Durant, but with the core of Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green, they still remain a legitimate threat in the deep Western Conference.

Unfortunately, the Warriors won’t be entering the 2019-20 NBA season at full strength as Klay Thompson is expected to miss a long period of time due to injury. With the severity of his injury, some people wonder if giving Thompson a max contract was a wise move for the Warriors. In a recent appearance on The Warriors Insider Podcast, Warriors owner Joe Lacob talked about different topics, including their decision to sign Thompson to a max deal.

Lacob said that though Klay Thompson is set to spend most of 2019-20 NBA season recovering from injury, they didn’t think twice before giving him a huge payday in the 2019 NBA free agency.

“There was no doubt in my mind, whatsoever,” Lacob said, as transcribed by NBC Sports. “I, and we, want Klay to be here for a long time. He’s one of my favorite players in the world.”

The Warriors are definitely aware of the type of injury that Klay Thompson is currently dealing with. Most of the athletes who suffer an ACL injury have a hard time bringing back their former game. However, Warriors owner Joe Lacob expressed strong confidence that Thompson’s case would be different. Lacob is very optimistic that Thompson could return to his old self. Despite his health issues, Lacob considers Thompson the “greatest two-guard on the planet.”

“Personally, I think he’s the greatest two-guard — I’m old school. I know it’s positionless basketball, but I go by positions. To me, he’s the greatest two-guard on the planet,” Lacob said. “He’s both ends. He’s a two-way player. He’s got great size and he’s an incredible shooter and he plays hard. What more can you ask for than Klay Thompson? Why would you not want Klay Thompson?”

Since being selected as the No. 11 overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, Klay Thompson has undeniably established himself as one of the best shooting guards in the league. Aside from his ability to excel in an off-ball capacity, Thompson has also earned a reputation for his defense.

As of now, the Warriors don’t seem to be in a rush to bring Thompson back as they have D’Angelo Russell to serve as Stephen Curry’s temporary backcourt partner. However, once Thompson is fully healed and regains his All-Star form, the Warriors will definitely become a team to fear in the Western Conference next season.


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