Whal Myung Skincare makes its debut in Singapore


SINGAPORE – Beloved Korean skincare label, Whal Myung, makes its highly anticipated debut on our shores just last month. The Whal Myung Skincare range is an herb-infused skincare line, including the cult classic Whal Myung Skin Elixir.


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Originated from Whal Myung Su, a digestive drink created from herbs

The oldest pharmacy in Korea, Dong Wha, created ‘Whal Myung Su’ in 1897 for the royal family as an herbal medicine ingested to treat indigestion indigestion and gastroenteritis illnesses.

Today, out of the 11-original herb formula, Whal Myung Su (meaning ‘life-saving water’) a skin elixir product, is concocted using a blend of five herbal extracts, together with shea butter, as well as natural oils like argan and squalane.

The five herbs used in formulating Whal Myung skincare. (PHOTO: Sheila/Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

The Skin Elixir, the star of the Whal Myung Skincare line. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

The secret royal recipe to radiant, beautiful skin

Infused with ancient herbs, vitamins and skin-loving ingredients, each skincare product delivers anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial benefits along with deep hydration to improve and maintain overall skin health for an all-day healthy, radiant glow.

Furthermore, Whal Myung collaborates with traditional Korean craftsmen to market its skincare products with practical and eco-friendly packaging, wrapping them with bojagi (wrapping cloth) which embodies the colours of Korea.

Exclusively sold at Guardian, The Whal Myung Skincare range is available, including the cult classic Whal Myung Skin Elixir (S$68, 100ml).

Whal Myung Skincare is available exclusively at selected Guardian stores and on https://www.guardian.com.sg/


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