Yuri Dud made a documentary about the terrorist attack in Beslan


Yuri Dud made a documentary about the terrorist attack in Beslan

Shot from the movie Yuri Dude

Yesterday marks 15 years since the terrible tragedy, when terrorists seized a school in Beslan. Talking about it every time is incredibly hard, and although, as I wrote Yuri Dud, about the terrible events of that day, many videos have already been shot, "this is not at all a reason not to recall this tragedy again."

The journalist, who went on a summer vacation with his YouTube show "Vdud", returned after a long vacation and presented the documentary "Beslan. Remember" dedicated to the Beslan tragedy.

The video has already appeared on his YouTube channel. And on his Instagram, Dud announced a new job.

Hello. We are in North Ossetia, a small republic in the very south of Russia. 15 years ago, the worst terrorist attack in our history happened here.

On September 1, right during the festive line, the terrorists captured school No. 1 of the city of Beslan. More than 1,000 people were held hostage; for three days they were held without food and water in a stuffy, cramped and hung explosive gym. When the assault occurred, most of the hostages were released, but 334 people died, 186 of them were children.

A lot of videos have been shot about Beslan, but this is not at all a reason not to recall this tragedy again. When you study the circumstances of this terrorist attack, you want to scream and cry – from horror, anger, sympathy and pain.

In this issue, we will show people who continue to live normal lives, no matter how hard the attack would hit them. We will show that Beslan is not only a nightmare of 2004, but also very strong people who have been waging a heroic struggle for their health and happiness for a decade and a half.

Well, in general – the more often and louder to remind about Beslan, the better. Here is our logic: once the state made mistakes that led to disaster; now the state should surround with maximum care all who have suffered. And only through this care can it earn forgiveness, and after that – and the trust of people. Does the state do everything to be forgiven? Does the state do everything to be trusted? Or is someone very shy about this topic and is doing everything to never touch it at all? All this we wanted to know. All that we know is telling you

– wrote Dud.

Yuri Dud

The film lasts more than three hours. The number of views of the video and comments on it is growing by leaps and bounds.

The same feeling when you know that the video will hurt you, but you just have to watch it and live it!

Thank you, Jura, for what you do!

– write network users.
Shot from the movie Yuri Dude
Shot from the movie Yuri DudeShot from the movie Yuri Dude
Shot from the movie Yuri Dude
Shot from the movie Yuri Dude

She announced her film about Beslan a couple of hours ago and Ksenia Sobchak. According to the journalist, she conceived it a year ago.

The documentaries for the anniversary of Beslan this year were shot by a variety of authors, people with an opposite attitude to the authorities and the security forces, with polar views on what happened during the storming and after it. But invariably everything, from Novaya Gazeta to RT, from me to Yura Dudya, we are talking about help and memory. And I am infinitely grateful to my colleagues for traveling to Beslan, meeting with former hostages, and telling their stories. See as many of these stories as possible – this is important, this must not be forgotten,

– wrote Sobchak.

She also called for a petition to be signed on the need to pass a law "On the Social Protection of Citizens Affected by Terrorist Acts," and shared a link by clicking on which you can do this.

I believe that in our country it is simply necessary to adopt a special law on the victims of terrorist attacks, which would allow former hostages not to go with outstretched hands and not to ask the state what they should,

– concluded Ksenia.


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