5 Reasons The ID You Contacted Isn’t Responding To You


In many ways, finding an interior designer like getting a date – you go through their profile, putting them through an internal ‘auditing’ process before reaching out to them for a shot.

Maybe you dropped them a message, got a recommendation from a friend or met them at an event or their office. It seems like everything’s going according to plan… until you’re met with radio silence for the next few days – or weeks. Ouch.

Interior Designer: IDID

Wondering what’s really going on or whether you should start looking for other interior designers? These 5 common, unsaid reasons why an interior designer might go unresponsive will put your mind at ease.

1. Your Key Collection Is Too Far Off

Interior Designer: StyleMySpace

We know you’re anxious to settle plans down, but attempting to engage an ID one, two years before collecting your keys? Hold up, you’re moving things way too fast.

Engaging an ID isn’t the same as booking a flight or a hotel room. Whether it’s inflation or the supply and demand of materials, costs fluctuate and resources will differ over a long period of time, so locking in a price that far ahead would be unwise. This also makes it hard for an ID to commit an agreement to.

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

The best time to reach out to IDs? 3 – 6 months before your key collection. That’s enough time for the ID to give you an accurate quote for your renovation, and for you to really decide on an interior theme.

2. It’s The ‘Lull’ Period – IDs Have to Rest Too!

Interior Designer: The Design Abode

Sometimes, it’s not that they ‘don’t want your business’, but just bad timing. Just like everyone else, IDs have their ‘breaks’ too, to allow them to rest and recharge from having to work 7 days a week, 24/7, on multiple projects. Phew.

Interior Designer: T&T Design Artisan

Most IDs close their offices for a couple of weeks during Chinese New Year, as well as the Christmas and New Year week. Some also choose to scale down works during the Chinese 7th Month (Hungry Ghost Festival). 

3. It’s the Peak Period – IDs are Too Busy!

Interior Designer: I-Chapter

On the flipside, catch them during their busy periods, and they’re too swamped with projects to respond. Unfortunately, we can’t (nor can the ID) really predict when would their ‘Rush Hour’ periods be, but generally, we see more projects underway during the end of the year – to be completed just in time for the festive season!

4. Your Budget Doesn’t Meet Their Requirements

Interior Designer: Butler Interior

Here’s the truth. It’s not just homeowners who filter and pick out designers they’d like to work with. IDs do that too with clients – and some firms may require a minimum budget for their consideration. Of course, this isn’t explicitly put out for risk of coming off as too snobbish.

Interior Designer: IDID

Even so, if you’re still getting nowhere even after reaching out to so many IDs, it might simply be that your budget is too low for the amount of works you’d like to do. For instance, if you’re setting aside only $10,000 to renovate an entire home – maybe it’s time to relook that sum! Set realistic expectations; and if you’re not sure how much to quote, use our Renovation Calculator to find out a reasonable ballpark.

5. They Aren’t the Right Professionals for the Job

Interior Designer: DS2000 Interior Design

Some types of works – though seemingly related – fall out of their job scope or expertise, and not many IDs take on small, minor works like building a two-door wardrobe, or installing a toilet bowl more suited for a contractor or handyman. Or, they might not have the expertise to carry out specialist work like building a loft mezzanine.

Architect: LLARK Architects

Likewise, if you’re planning on renovating your landed property, note that not all IDs are equipped to handle Addition and Alteration works (A&A) for landed structures. Any major reconstruction works that may affect the structural integrity of a building (like adding an additional level) require a builder or architect’s expertise, not an ID. 

So, don’t take it to heart if the ID you contacted falls off the radar – he/she might simply be unable to help you after all.

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