Apple Presentation: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Other New Products


Apple Presentation: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Other New Products

Tim Cook

On September 10, fans of Apple products were looking forward with great impatience and, of course, interest – after all, it was precisely today that the company was to present its latest innovations. Well, we, frankly, were also very curious to find out what the developers of the company came up with this time, led by its CEO Tim Cook.

By the way, this year Apple first broadcasted its new products on YouTube for the first time, and not on the official website, as it was before. But the scene of the presentation remained the same "Steve Jobs Theater" in Cupertino, California. SPLETNIK.RU closely monitored what is happening there and now shares with you the latest news about the latest Apple.

Ipad 7 g

After presenting several games and Apple + TV, Apple CEO Tim Cook set about introducing new gadgets and gave the floor to Greg Josviak, who spoke about the seventh-generation iPad.

Display and processor

The new tablet has a 10.2-inch Retina display and runs on the A10 Fusion processor. In addition, it has a Smart Connector, which allows you to connect a keyboard to it (before this was not possible).

Greg Josviac
Greg Josviac


An eight-megapixel camera will allow users to take great shots of the gadget.


One of the main differences from its predecessors is a modem made of recyclable aluminum.


You can breathe with some relief – you can buy a new gadget from $ 329.
Tim Cook
Tim Cook
Apple Watch Series 5


Well, Apple, whose products are famous for their stylish design, once again demonstrated excellent taste. First, the company collaborated with Nike and Hermes. Also, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase watches with handmade leather straps.

The watch itself will be released in two versions: ceramic and titanium (for the first time!).

The watch will be available in three colors: gray, gold and silver.


He, attention, can always stay on! And this is what distinguishes the watch from its predecessors, when the screen turned on only when you turn your hand.

New feature

Apple continues to take care of personal safety. So, the watch can call 911 in 150 countries and send an SOS signal even without an iPhone.

What else is new in the watch is its built-in compass. In general, you can safely go camping and not be afraid to get lost!

Working hours

The watch will work without recharging for 18 hours. However, Apple developers have not changed themselves in this – the previous model of watches works the same. But, in fairness, we note that the screen will be in active mode all the time.

Start of sales and cost

Apple Watch Series 5 will cost from $ 399 and go on sale September 20.

IPhone 11

Well, wait! Apple introduced the new iPhone! We tell how it looks, how it differs from previous models and, finally, how much it costs (spoiler: a lot).


There are two of them: a wide-angle 12 megapixel f / 1.8 and a super-wide-angle 12 megapixel f / 2.4. To people who are not too tech savvy, just say that the pictures will be incredibly realistic and even clearer (although much more) than before.

The new gadget will also have a night shooting mode, which itself regulates the lighting when shooting.

Design and colors

The choice of colors is really great. There are six of them: from classic black to pale lilac.

The display, like its predecessor iPhone XR, is a 6.1-inch LCD.

New feature

Now, to shoot a video, you can only hold down the photo button (just like in Instagram story). The function is called Quick Take.

Working hours

The smartphone will last an hour longer than the iPhone XR. As the saying goes, a trifle, but nice.


Contrary to expectations, Apple did not raise the price of new gadgets, but reduced it! IPhone 11 will cost from $ 699!

Iphone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max


And there are already three of them! New f / 1.8 wide-angle camera, f / 2.4 telephoto lens and ultra-wide f / 2.0. All cameras can shoot at the same time, as well as record video in 4K resolution.

The gadget has already been tested by some photographers, and the result exceeded all expectations – the pictures turned out incomparable.

Design and colors

Here the choice is not as great as in the iPhone 11. The smartphone will be available in four colors: dark green, gray, white and gold.

Externally, they are not much different from their predecessors XS and XS Max: the diagonal of the screen of new products is 5.8 for the iPhone Pro and 6.5 inches for the iPhone Pro Max. The phone case is also made of glass and steel.

New feature

Thanks to the new function, called Deep Fusion, you can now take nine shots at once, and then get a whole image in high resolution from them.


All three new iPhone models are equipped with the A13 processor – the fastest in the history of the company. Thanks to him, the gadget will be able to carry out more than a trillion operations per second.

Working hours

The iPhone 11 Pro will last four hours longer than the iPhone XS; the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max. Apple has proclaimed it the most energy-efficient iPhone in the history of the company.

Cost and start of sales

iPhone 11 Pro can be purchased from $ 999, and the Pro Max version – from 1099. They will go on sale September 20.


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