Ashton Kutcher keeping moustache to ‘spite’ Adele following birthday party mix-up


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Ashton Kutcher is keeping his moustache to “spite” his pal Adele – after the actor got the theme for her birthday party wrong.

Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis, are pals with the Hello hitmaker, and both were invited to celebrate her 31st birthday back in May. But while the star grew facial hair after being told the party’s theme was “1970s New Year’s Eve”, the singer later changed the dress code and forgot to tell him.

Speaking on Monday’s instalment of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ashton revealed he and his wife were confident in their get-ups, explaining: “We were both on That ’70s Show. I think we got this.”

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However, when they got to the bash, he pointed out to Mila, “nobody is in 1970s anything,” – and it wasn’t long before he learned that the theme for the party was actually the 1930s.

“I look like Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights!” he exclaimed. “So, I’m just playing it off like this is what I’m doing these days. Like, ‘What’s up JAY-Z? Yeah, this is my thing now.'”

The Two and a Half Men star insisted he’s committed to the moustache, adding: “(The party) was really awkward. So now it’s a spite ‘stache, and I’m keeping it.

“I never intended to have this, I don’t think I look good with this but I’m keeping it!” he laughed.

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