At the GQ Man of the Year Prize, Yuri Dud urged secular Moscow not to be silent




At the award

Yuri Dud

Tonight, GQ magazine presented awards to the winners of its annual "Person of the Year" award (SPLETNIK.RU will tell about it separately and in more detail). In the meantime, we share the speech of Yuri Dude, which the journalist and video blogger delivered from the stage. Dud became a laureate in the nomination "Man from the TV".

When another chaos occurs in Russia, in my native country, I know that many of you are outraged by this, but do it very quietly. They are outraged in the kitchens, in the offices, in the hotel rooms … Do not take my words as a sermon. Think that this is a small wish, maybe even a request. When in Russia next time another ordinary passers-by will be swept with truncheons, when they will steal the next car of state money, when they will throw a packet of waste paper into the ballot box, I beg you to speak about this, not to be silent. It seems to me that silence is no longer a saving charm. If you are silent, it does not mean that you are in the house. They can come to any house, even if it is located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. And if there is no difference, then I don’t understand why it is necessary to meet lawlessness in silence, and not to meet him face to face. Many will say: "Yurets, I feel sorry for everyone, we all understand and agree with everything, but I really do not want to lose the craft, lose self-realization." He who has brains and hands will never die of hunger and boredom. Even I could find some work. You are much smarter, much more educated and just better than me, so I’m sure that you can find such a job much easier, – Yuri addressed the guests sitting in the hall.

Recall Dud supported rallies in Moscow for fair elections. On the 15th anniversary of the Beslan tragedy, he made the documentary "Beslan. Remember", showing him witnesses to the terrorist attack. Film Dude caused heated debate in the media.

Yuri Dud
Yuri Dud

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