Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira talks about gender identity: “I like being a queer”



Barbie ferreira

22 year old Barbie ferreira starred for the cover of them magazine. and gave a great interview to the publication. After the successful first season of "Euphoria"(Euphoria) the star says that now she is focused on her acting career, but at the same time she does not forget about fashion as a way of self-expression.

I always expressed myself with the help of outfits, but lately I have taken my beauty bows to a new level,

She says.

Barbie ferreira

To make sure of this, just look at her recent looks at New York Fashion Week, including a blue-green mermaid jumpsuit. In comments on Instagram for her excellent sense of style, she was praised by performer Megan Thee Stallion and transgender model and activist Munro Bergdorf.

The star touched on the topic of gender identity in an interview.

Each person has so many aspects of his identity and so many things that influence how you make decisions. It’s hard to talk about one thing all the time. I like being queer (by a person who does not correspond to heterosexual or cisgender identity – Ed.). And like to be fat. I like being a Brazilian and a New Yorker. All this makes me Barbie Ferreira,

She admitted.

Barbie ferreira

In an interview with the journalist of the publication, Barbie talked about the fandom (a subculture consisting of fans with common interests that empathize with each other).

When you find someone who really makes you feel good, you need to tell him that. I feel really obligated – especially to those cool fat girls – because it was they who gave me a sense of self-confidence. So I want to say, continue to do what you do!

Said Ferreira.

Barbie, whose career began with advertising campaigns for the American Apparel brand, spoke about her attitude to the fact that the fashion industry is changing rapidly (more and more brands produce clothes for owners of curvaceous forms).

I think the situation is getting better. There are many cool, young fashion designers who do cool things, I thank God for them. Famous fashion houses are cool, but sometimes I can’t fit into a designer outfit, and I can’t buy it either. This is not fun. This is not cool, of course,

– shared the actress.

Barbie ferreira


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