From the baseball field to the podium: what do we know about Christy Turlington's nephew


From the baseball field to the podium: what do we know about Christy Turlington's nephew

James Turlington / Christy Turlington

Presley Gerber and Anwar Hadid will soon have to make room in the chronicles from the world catwalks: the list of heirs to big names in the fashion business is expanding. James Turlington, the nephew of 90s supermodel Christy Turlington, became the new name that reporters will obviously have to learn in the near future.

In August, the young man signed a contract with one of the largest and most famous agencies in the industry IMG Models and has already managed to check in on the catwalk at Fashion Week in New York. SPLETNIK.RU offers to get acquainted with the rising star of the fashion world closer.

James turlingtonJames turlington

James Turlington is already 25 years old – his age in the modeling business is quite impressive: some by this time have already managed to be noted on all the main covers of the world and retire. The beginning of a young man’s career in the fashion business was partly a coincidence, on the other hand, a deliberate step.

Possessing a well-known surname that would surely open the doors of any brands and glossy publications to him, James nonetheless did not strive at all costs on the podium from a young age (James Kelly's mother is Christy Turlington's sister).

James Turlington (right) with mom Kelly BurnsJames Turlington (right) with mom Kelly BurnsJames Turlington with his aunt Christy TurlingtonJames Turlington with his aunt Christy Turlington

Tarlington chose sports for himself – he was professionally engaged in baseball, and in 2016 he even signed a contract with Los Angeles Dodgers. In its history (and the club has existed since 1883!), The team won the World Series six times and became the champion of the National League 21 times.

James turlington

James devoted most of his life to baseball and never hid that it was his dream to achieve success in this sport.

As a child, I dreamed of playing in the Major League. And looking back on my career, I am so happy that I was able to achieve the goals that I set for myself. I went through all stages from playing in the First Division and participating in the College World Series tournament to a professional level. I wouldn’t change anything in my past,

– admitted James.

James turlington

But the changes that influenced the future, nevertheless overtook Tarlington, and, apparently, by chance. James will surely tell in an interview about how it was decided to leave baseball and devote himself to modeling. In the meantime, you can only roughly imagine the development of events, but one thing is clear: without a good fairy – godmother, this could not have done.

When your nephew visits you on the set and completely overshadows you! Good career start!

– so noted Christie Turlington herself, a new professional stage in the life of James.

Christy and James TurlingtonChristy and James Turlington

The nephew did not remain in debt.

Thank you Christie for showing me the way

– James thanked his aunt, sharing with subscribers the pictures from his first professional photo shoot.

Tarlington posed, by the way, for Luigi Murenu and Yango Henzi, a duet of Italian and Swiss fashion photographers who work under the pseudonym Luigi & Iango. Together they have been working only since 2010, but during this time they have already managed to achieve almost cult status in their field. In their portfolio of photo shoots for Vogue Japan, Vogue Germany, i-D Magazine and Vanity Fair, they were posed Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Sergey Polunin, Natalya Vodyanova and many other stars.

Thanks to my friends and my family who have always supported me on the ups and downs throughout my career. Without you, I really could not have done it. But when one chapter ends, the next always begins. I am happy to start this new chapter and continue to develop as a person,

Tarlington wrote on his blog shortly before footage from his photo shoot appeared on the net.

The head, meanwhile, is already in full swing – at the Fashion Week in New York, James managed to participate in show Brandon Maxwell, where he shared the podium with such fashion business stars as Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Candice Swanepoel and others.

James Turlington at the Brandon Maxwell Fashion ShowJames Turlington at the Brandon Maxwell Fashion Show

The season is just beginning – we can quite expect that we will see James at shows and in other fashionable capitals. The outward resemblance to Christy Turlington seems simply supernatural – and nostalgia for the 90s and the era of supermodels in the fashion world has not subsided, so such a type can be very popular.

James Turlington with his familyJames Turlington with grandmother, aunt and other family members

And how do you assess his chances of success?


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