Hilarious tweet on Chandrayaan-2 goes viral


Disha Patani just can’t catch a break. Ever since she made her Bollywood debut, fans have been left confused on how to pronounce her name. But now, looks like one witty Twitter user had just the right idea on how to play around her name.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Disha Patani shared a message of support for ISRO  but one Twitter user had other plans. ()

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Disha Patani shared a message of support for ISRO but one Twitter user had other plans. ()

The actor shared a supportive tweet for Indian Space Research Organisation this weekend when Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram Lander failed to land on the lunar surface. “Proud of everyone involved in the #Chandrayaan2 mission. Thank you @isro, you have inspired many with your commendable efforts! Jai Hind,” she wrote in her tweet. However, it was another user’s comment on her tweet that took the spotlight.


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“Don’t know why #VikramLander behaved like your name #Chandrayaan2Landing,” he wrote in a tweet, playing on her name Disha (direction) and Pata-nahi (don’t know). The tweet quickly went viral and Twitter users couldn’t stop laughing. “Bahute krantikari (Very revolutionary),” wrote one. “Der mai samjh aaya par acha laga (took me a while to get but I liked it),” wrote another. “Looooool took me a hot minute to get it but when it did I chuckled bravo,” read another reply. 

ISRO has located the spacecraft it was trying to land on the moon but has not been able to establish communication with it yet. The lander was making a “soft” or controlled landing near the South Pole of the moon on Saturday when it lost contact with ground control in the final stage of the descent. 

Scores of celebrities took to social media to encourage the Indian space agency and said that there are proud of it. Amitabh Bachchan shared encouraging lines from two different poems penned by his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan and said that he is proud of the organisation. “Pride never did face defeat .. our pride , our victory..Proud of you ISRO,” Amitabh tweeted.

Asserting that the important thing is that we took off and had the hope and belief we can, Shah Rukh Khan posted a motivational post. “Sometimes we don’t land or arrive at the destination we want to. The important thing is we took off and had the Hope and Belief we can. Our current situation is never and not our final destination. That always comes in time and belief! Proud of #ISRO,” he tweeted.

Other stars like Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Ajay Devgn also shared supportive tweets. 

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