Hundreds of alleged email scammers arrested in global crackdown


Email scam

The fed caught even more scammers.

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Several federal agencies conducted a four-month operation to takedown alleged email scammers. The result was 281 arrests across the globe. 

The Department of Justice reported its results from the operation to stop Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes on Tuesday. BECs also called “cyber-enabled financial fraud,” target those who work for businesses who conduct wire transfers and individuals such as the elderly to convince them to wire money to the bank accounts controlled by the scammers. Law enforcement seized nearly $3.7 million from the arrests.

The agencies arrested 167 alleged fraudsters in Nigeria, 18 in Turkey and 15 in Ghana and 74 in the US. Some of the scams used included tricking a target to believing the scammer was someone they could be romantically involved with, fake international lottery winnings and employment opportunities that require payment for a job that doesn’t exist. 

“The Department of Justice has increased efforts in taking aggressive enforcement action against fraudsters who are targeting American citizens and their businesses in business email compromise schemes and other cyber-enabled financial crimes,” said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen in a press release Tuesday. “Anyone who engages in deceptive practices like this should know they will not go undetected and will be held accountable.”

Last year, the FBI arrested 74 scammers across the globe for conducting cyber-enabled financial fraud. 


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