Irina Dubtsova for SPLETNIK.RU: "I am an ordinary, sleepy, always working woman"


Irina Dubtsova for SPLETNIK.RU:

Irina Dubtsova

Looking at the always smiling Irina Dubtsova, it is hard to believe that the singer spends time at night in the studio, arrives home in the morning, lies down at 5 in the morning, and at 7 already cheerfully greets the listeners of some radio. Interviews, filming of several programs in parallel and frequent tours – something like this looks like a celebrity schedule. However, the star took the time to talk with us about personal care, future projects, body positive and personal life.

SPLETNIK.RU: Irina, tell us what's new in your life: projects, clips, what awaits fans?

In the near future I will be releasing a new song "Don't Kiss", super-clear and close to all the girls. It is about what happened at least once in our lives for each of us. Just the other day they shot a clip. It will be a very life story, without embellishment. From the upcoming events – March 19, 2020 I will give a big concert at Crocus City Hall in honor of the 15th anniversary of the singing career. At this evening there will be many artists who sing my songs: Seryozha Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Olga Buzova, Valeria, Christina Orbakaite, Sasha Revva, Stas Piekha, Zara, Lolita, Emin Agalarov. In general, all-all-all. We will perform both new songs and old hits.

I will not sit at the piano as Igor Krutoy or Victor Drobysh, for example, but it will be an author's evening.

Irina Dubtsova

Tell us about the relationship with weight: what comfortable scheme did you choose for yourself? You are opposed to starvation diets and killer workouts.

I advocate accepting myself, but within acceptable limits. I can’t say that I welcome super full people. I do not believe and never will believe that such people accept themselves, and they are comfortable. There are people to whom overweight prevents them from living and creates real problems, leading to chronic diseases. The older a person becomes, the more difficult it is to fight him.

Irina Dubtsova

I have this position in this regard: if I want to eat, I eat, I do not want to eat, I don’t eat. If I do not fill up, worry, then swell. That is, I do not have extra pounds, fat does not grow, because he has nowhere to come from. I eat right: don’t eat sweets, fried, potatoes, pasta, bread. My diet is fish and vegetables, maximum meat. Once a month, of course, like any woman, there is a "ban." We all want chocolate or cake sometimes. As for sports … I do it to feel better. If you do not do fitness, then there are problems with the spine, muscle corset, and the nervous system.

Irina Dubtsova

True, not so long ago I had to take a break. I trained yesterday, but today I can’t sit or lie, I can barely move my legs, because everything hurts.

Now is the era of body-positive, and as for public people, do you think an artist must look good?

He does not have to be thin. Anyone should take care of themselves. There are those who do not care about public opinion, among public people, by the way, there are also many of them. But I fundamentally disagree with them. The main question is whether a person loves himself.

Irina Dubtsova

You are honest with your fans. In one of the interviews, you admitted that you had breast plastic surgery. How much did it make you happy then?

I did plastic because I didn't have a chest. I kept waiting for her to grow, nothing grew, I went and did. I dreamed about this from the age of 15, of course, this made me happy. I have a fairly broad back, such a body structure … I was worried about this in my youth, and when the opportunity arose, after I gave birth to a child, I turned to a surgeon. I am happy and believe that a woman needs this not to be liked by men, but for herself. Men are equally divided into those who like breasts and those who like priests.

Irina Dubtsova

How do you think a woman should agree with herself and with age? Will you do everything possible to maintain youth, like Sofia Rotaru, for example, or choose a policy of non-intervention?

Of course, when I will be a certain number of years, I will do plastic surgery. But staying as self as possible. Without changing globally appearance. They often tell me that I supposedly made plastic on my face. But now in my face there are no Botox, no fillers. The nose, as it was from birth, is such, and so it has remained. With a face I did nothing, just leaving.

Irina Dubtsova

Now there are a lot of hardware procedures that can keep the skin toned without the intervention of surgeons and even without injections. Fotona is a laser that works wonders; the Ulthera System is also a cool procedure. Not doing this is just a crime. And you can always find an alternative cheaper. The main desire. If you don’t have the opportunity, you can open the YouTube channel of a good beauty blogger or massage therapist and learn how to face. Anyone can do it. You can play sports at home, even without a rug and dumbbells, take two bottles of water instead. It's free. No need to earn much for this. Everything else is an excuse.

Irina Dubtsova

You are a fan of Aldo Coppola. Tell me, how much on average per month do you spend on personal care?

Lot. Manicure, pedicure, massages, hardware procedures, beauty droppers. I make restorative cocktails. Still, I have an irregular schedule, acne periodically appears, which in my life was not even in my teens. But at the age of 37, rashes appeared on nervous soil against the background of hormonal failure.

Irina Dubtsova

Of course, at first I went to a cosmetologist, dermatologist, checked my stomach, did endless procedures that, it seemed to me, could help. It all ended with a trip to the endocrinologist, and he already led me by the hand to the neurologist.

Irina Dubtsova

The expert said that the whole thing is lack of sleep. If a woman does not sleep at least seven hours a day (I sleep 4 hours, a maximum of 5 and get up without an alarm), then this will affect her skin. My body at a hormonal level responds to stress. This has never happened before. I attribute this to the fact that I used to be younger.

Why am I saying all this. I am an ordinary person whose profession is associated with publicity, and I suffer from this to a greater extent. Because I am always in sight, I adore walking around without makeup, I like myself with a “bare” face much more. And now I have to cover up the rashes, because I am a regular woman who has never slept well and has a mortgage, a teenage son who wants to dress in KM20 and in the Central Department Store, and wants the most fashionable sneakers, because he studies at a private Lomonosov school. In principle, he is at the age at which I myself wanted to dress well, to impress boys and girlfriends. Therefore, Ira inhaled, exhaled, did not sleep, got up and went to the concert, and then went on tour.

Irina Dubtsova

You mentioned a procedure that turned out to be ineffective. Can you add anything else to this list?

I once did plasmolifting (ampoules with thrombin were used). Eight days walked with a swollen face, as if I had been bitten by bees. That was my reaction. I will never repeat this procedure for sure. But she helped some of my friends.

I’d better tell you about the procedures that really work. For example, now you do not need to run for liposuction, there is cryolipolysis, thanks to which you can remove extra centimeters on the hips and waist. This is a special nozzle that absorbs the fat layer, cools it to minus 11 degrees, and within two months this excess fat is eliminated through the lymphatic system. I tried it on myself, and it really works.

Irina Dubtsova

Rescue after touring and events such as "Heat","New wave", This is the HydraFacial procedure. When you have to be in makeup for three to four days in a row. Not only at concerts, but also at many after-parties and interviews. My face is not painted up only at night. By the way, I always wash my makeup off for the night.

Now I’m having a mechanical cleaning – no one canceled it. Of course, you need to find your beautician who does it well, is not traumatic, right, with punctures, he must know what can be pressed and what is not.

Do you have a beauty sin, are you doing something that you shouldn't do?

I can squeeze a pimple on myself. Then I scare myself scared. Especially my hands (clean) stretch on the plane in the toilet. Because there is very little space, the mirror is very close, everything is visible, the infection, hands and stretch to squeeze something. But this cannot be done, it is important not to be lazy and wash at night, you cannot lie face down in a pillow with a painted face. It doesn’t matter even if you arrive at 6 in the morning. Through force, through I can’t wash my face before a squeak. Not just water and laundry soap, but normal means. I use Obagi cosmetics.

Irina Dubtsova

Let us plunge a little into the past, in the era of the 1990s, when we all plucked our eyebrows, did tattooing, dyed our hair. Did you do anything?

As for tattooing and tattoos, I like it on others, but I myself would not do it.

Irina Dubtsova

What was your craziest beauty experiment?

This is a breast, of course. An experiment that failed. Naturally, I began to look at least one and a half sizes larger, but everything suits me. The cameras are very large. Only a super-slim girl can look skinny on TV. Everyone knows this, so I will not strive for some unreal thinness. Men like me and like me.

Irina Dubtsova

There is always Facetune, if that …

Well now it's too strange to abuse photoshop. You can’t fool anyone, because Facetune for the video has not yet been invented. I often post videos, just so that they don’t find fault with me. Commentators will always find something to attach to. They also write everything to me. I answer only in one case, if some shit is written about my child.

Irina Dubtsova with her son Artem
Irina Dubtsova with her son Artem

In such cases, I’ll directly beat my hands, so as not to send. Because my 13-year-old son long ago decides for himself which haircut to wear, how to dress. I immediately recall my colleagues who are not at all embarrassed to respond to haters. By the way, I respect them for this. In life, I sometimes swear in the company of my friends, and sometimes I want to send it in the comments in such a way that it doesn't seem enough. I do not pay attention, but I block completely evil ones.

For them, this is an opportunity to throw out their anger in public. They enjoy it. I don’t touch any funny ones.

Something interesting in direct send you?

I rarely go there. I don’t have any special nasty things there. Probably something needs to be done. As they say, if a very good reputation, it is necessary to spoil (laughs).

Irina Dubtsova

That is, men in direct do not meet?

Surely they write – I, however, rarely go there. Dear men, if you want to meet through Instagram, then write in the comments!

Tell us where you can get acquainted with Irina Dubtsova: at the wheel, in a park, or maybe in a tinder?

I don’t drive, I am not in the tinder. I am now watching the eighth season of the series "Shameless" and there the main character meets just in the tinder solely for quick sex. Maybe I could have done it that way, I take it easy, but I’m a public person, so, unfortunately, in Russia I can’t afford to behave this way (laughs).

In one of the interviews you said that you were tired of the courtship of married men. Is such a relationship taboo for you?

Yes, they are chasing me. Such an attitude is not taboo for me, but I'm 37 years old. It is almost impossible to meet a peer or a good man older than himself (from 35 to 50 years old), unmarried and having no children or relationship. Therefore, I sometimes come across married men. I do not want. This is such a moral responsibility, well, its in FIG. I do not need it.

Irina Dubtsova with ex-husband Roman Chernitsyn and son
Irina Dubtsova with ex-husband Roman Chernitsyn and son Artem

What should look and who should be the perfect man Irina Dubtsova?

Yes, a normal man. Confident, able to just come up and say, "Hello, let's get acquainted!" Most often it happens: "Irina, hello, thank you." Kisses a pen. Moreover, a person can be guarded with a high status. And that’s all. I do not bite!

How important is sex in a relationship, in your opinion?

Of course it’s important. With a person with whom you fell in love, a priori can not get bad sex. At least I have never had such a thing. If something is wrong, I will prompt (laughs). Sex comes first with communication; it is also important to match interests.

Irina Dubtsova

Are you in love now?

A couple of new fans disappointed … Direct failure (laughs). I want to say – do not wave money in front of my nose! "Wave" attitude and actions. But if at my first meeting my knees did not shake, my speechlessness did not disappear, my eyes did not shine treacherously, even the king of courtships has no chance! Chemistry, what makes me write songs, not sleep at night, wait for calls, fly to the ends of the world, abandoning a couple of concerts, is priceless. I am an adult girl, I have a teenage son. I can already afford to live the way I want!


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