New iPhones, luxury Apple Watch, budget iPad and two services – the expert comments on the latest from Apple


New iPhones, luxury Apple Watch, budget iPad and two services - the expert comments on the latest from Apple

Yesterday in California passed the next (and for many very long-awaited) presentation of new products from Apple. SPLETNIK.RU asked the expert Svetlana Permyakova to tell what is the peculiarity of the new gadgets, to decipher all the technical characteristics and evaluate which “chips” celebrities will especially like.

At the September presentation of Apple, the company shows new iPhones, which means it sets the smartphone fashion for the whole year. This time they weren’t limited to phones: they showed the new Apple Watch Series 5 and the budget iPad. Plus two subscription services: Apple Arcade gaming and an online movie theater with TV shows and films of their own production Apple TV +.

The main event is still iPhones. The iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max were replaced by the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

IPhone 11

Last year, Apple first showed color iPhones. Prior to this, the company adhered to natural shades: for 10 years in a row, silver, gray and golden smartphones ruled the market. IPhone Xr changed the rules of the game: bright yellow, red and blue iPhones appealed to consumers, this model was the best-selling phone in the world.

IPhone 11, the successor to the iPhone Xr, supported the brightness trend: the model will enter the market in purple, green, yellow and red colors. Black and white, however, will also be.

But most importantly, the iPhone 11 received a second main camera. In Xr there was only one, wide-angle. Because of this, he could shoot in “portrait” mode with a beautiful blurry background only because the built-in machine learning system understood where the person’s face was in the photo and artificially blurred the background. But it was also impossible to remove, for example, pets or a gourmet breakfast on Xr. And now it’s possible: an ultra-wide-angle camera has been added to the wide-angle camera. One removes the subject in the foreground, the second is responsible for the background. In addition, the ultra-wide-angle camera "sees" four times more space, which means it allows you to take beautiful photos without going far. Nastya Ivleeva would be useful in her honeymoon for travel photos.

The wide-angle camera that was in the iPhone Xr was also updated, now each of its pixels supports Focus Pixel technology. Thanks to her, you can take great photos in the dark. The night mode is turned on automatically and without any flashes that make the face flat and expressionless, removes noise and grain from the photo and makes the colors more saturated.

By the way, in order to record a video immediately after a photo is taken, now there will be no need to switch the mode, just hold down the shutter button. Both the front and main cameras record video in 4K, that is, well, in very good quality. Television now broadcasts in HD, 4K – twice as good. The front camera has learned to shoot slow motion video. Apple at the presentation encouraged everyone to do "slugs" (from slow-mo and selfies), for sure we will soon see something similar in Kylie Jenner's Stories.

Of course, the iPhone 11 has become even more powerful and faster, the new A13 Bionic processor is 20 percent more productive than in Xr, it performs more than a trillion operations per second. In practice, this means that all applications will fly, and photos and videos will be edited without freezes and hesitation.

The price of the iPhone 11 starts at 59,990 rubles for the version with 64 gigabytes of memory. It will be possible to order it from September 18, in stores will appear on September 20.

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

For the first time in history, Apple gave smartphones the prefix Pro in the name. Previously, it was only with computers, laptops and iPads, designed for designers, artists, filmmakers and other creative people to work for them.

The thing is that the new flagships now have as many as three cameras. Each of them with a resolution of 12 megapixels, but everyone has different lenses (like lenses on the camera): ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto (it is also a lens with a narrow viewing angle).

A picture with borders that give different lenses will be displayed on the screen, you can immediately see which one to choose to make the picture better.

In the "portrait" mode, you can now choose which camera to shoot: wide-angle – and then several people will fit into the frame at once, or on a telephoto to make the face look thinner.

To make the photos look great, the new iPhones will actually take 9 frames, four of which even before the button is pressed. Then the neural networks will process them all and take all the best from these images: the sky will not be white but blue, the earth will remain dark, all unnecessary noise will disappear, and on the blouse it will be possible to consider the interweaving of fabric fibers.

All this works on the same processor as in the iPhone 11, that is, all these millions of operations for the owner of the iPhone will remain invisible, everything will look as if it really took one photo.

All the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro not only know how to work in 4K, they also stabilize the image so that everything on the video is smooth and beautiful, without micro-jerks from shaking hands. Plus, they record an image with an extended dynamic range, that is, they can correctly shoot very light and very dark areas in one frame.

And of course, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max also learned to shoot in the dark and allow you to record slow-mo on the front camera.

The iPhone 11 Pro's battery lasts four hours longer than the iPhone Xs, and the iPhone Pro Max's battery lasts five hours longer than the Xs Max. And the best part is that finally there will be an adapter for quick charging complete with an iPhone: they will put a device at 18 W in the box (before it was only 5 W).

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will come in four colors: dark green, silver, gold and space gray. Prices for them start at 89,990 rubles, on sale from September 20, order – from September 18.

New Budget iPad

The beginning of the school year – and Apple, contrary to the habit of showing new iPads in October, presented the new model "iPad for students." It is called that because it is an entry-level tablet, ideal for simple tasks: reading textbooks (and not only), watching movies, running not the most difficult applications.

The previous model had a diagonal display of 9.7 inches, the new – 10.2. For it – for the first time with a budget iPad – you can connect a full-sized Smart Keyboard, in addition, it is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2 stylus, that is, you can draw on it professionally.

A new iPadOS is installed on the tablet: more applications are displayed on the main screen, there are widgets for quick access to the necessary functions, you can split the screen and work simultaneously with several programs.

The seventh-generation iPad runs on the A10Fusion processor. This is not the most powerful processor that Apple has in its arsenal, but, according to the company, it is twice as powerful as the best-selling Windows computer in the US.

The iPad case is made for the first time from 100 percent recycled aluminum, which will surely appeal to Jessica Alba, a well-known proponent of informed consumption. The new iPad weighs just 500 grams.

New iPad 7th generation with 32 gigabytes of memory will cost 27,990 rubles. You can order them now, and on September 30 they will be on sale.

Apple Watch Series 5

A key innovation of the new Apple watch is the always active display. He used to light up only when you raise your hand. Now Apple uses a new technology for the production of the screen – LTPO, it does not turn off the screen, but lowers its brightness when not looking at the watch. If you raise your hand or touch the display, the dial raises the brightness to maximum.

The watch now has a compass, it can be used to determine the direction of movement, the angle of inclination, latitude, longitude and altitude. In the new watchOS 6 operating system, which is installed on the watch, there are applications for tracking the menstrual cycle, the level of ambient noise and assessing progress in your favorite sport.

The battery of the Apple Watch is enough for 18 hours, which is even better than the previous generation.

Apple Watch Series 5 will be released in cases not only of aluminum and stainless steel. Apple returned the white ceramic version and added a titanium one, which will come in natural titanium and black colors. Dimensions remained the same: 40 and 44 mm.

New straps created in collaboration with Nike and Hermes will be on sale. The print from the French fashion house will be called Della Cavalleria.

Apple Watch Series 5 will cost 32,990 rubles. The stores will appear on September 20.

Apple TV +

The fact that Apple is going to launch its online cinema, the company said in March this year. It's clear that they want to conquer the market that Netflix thrives on. And Apple has every chance: billions of loyal users and a huge talent in selling their services to people. In the end, one day they released iTunes and all the music became digital.

Then they launched Apple Music – and now no one is buying individual tracks, everyone listens to music by subscription. Last time, directors Steven Spielberg and JJ Adams, actors came to talk about the service Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Jason Momoa, Alfrey Woodard, Kumeil Nanjiani and even Oprah Winfrey – Apple has invested several billion dollars in the production of content with these people. And finally, the preparatory period is almost over: Apple TV + will start on November 1. There will be several large projects on the air. For example, “See” is a tragic story with Jason Momoa and Alfrey Woodard in the lead roles. In the story, after 600 years, the virus will destroy most of humanity, and those who survive will be permanently blinded.

Or "Morning show" (The Morning Show) – a crime drama about the dark sides of the television world, created by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, where they starred with Steve Carell.

For children, the series "Little Helpers" from the creators of "Sesame Street" is ready to be shown.

BUT Oprah Winfrey will talk with the most interesting authors to change the world for the better.

A subscription to the service will cost 199 rubles per month. If you activate the family access function, then 6 people will be able to use it. All Apple TV + content is promised to be duplicated in 40 languages, and hearing impaired people will be able to watch it with subtitles.

Apple arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based gaming service for mobile devices, desktops, and televisions. Games can be played without an internet connection. All games will be exclusive: they cannot be bought or downloaded elsewhere.

In the best traditions of Apple, a game suspended on one device can be continued from the same place on another. A subscription will cost the same 199 rubles per month. The first month is free.


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