The Kremlin commented on the performances of Serebrennikov and Dude at the GQ Prize


The Kremlin commented on the performances of Serebrennikov and Dude at the GQ Prize

Dmitry Peskov

Last night in Moscow, the award "Person of the Year"GQ magazine. At the event this time they talked a lot about politics and the situation in the country. delivered a speech Director Kirill Serebrennikov and journalist Yuri Dud. During the awarding ceremony, Dud from the stage of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory asked spectators and ceremony participants not to be silent about political problems in Russia. And Serebrennikov said that people of the year need to recognize those who "fought for justice."

I would call the people of the year those who agreed on the exchange of prisoners with Ukraine, those who did not allow Vanya Golunov to be imprisoned, those people who marry and fight for justice and make it possible in our country to live with common sense, decency, honesty, hope,

– said the director during the award ceremony.

Kirill SerebrennikovKirill Serebrennikov

Suddenly, the speeches of Yuri and Cyril commented on the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. The Kremlin considers it unprofessional to project grades sounded at the GQ Magazine Award Ceremony onto general public sentiment.

We respect all the prizes, including this one, but we are not inclined to exaggerate the significance of various social events, moreover, we are not inclined to project some statements made at such social events onto the general mood, we believe that this would be wrong and erroneous, – said Peskov.

He emphasized that "certain points of view are known."

Yuri Dud
Yuri Dud

We see, we fix it all, take into account. But it would be completely unprofessional to associate this with the general attitude,

– continued Peskov.

In his opinion, although such speeches are made by "very talented, respected people who have achieved success in their fields," they have a lot of opponents – also successful people, "who can no less reasonably break these theses."


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