Alicia Silverstone Blasts Starbucks for Using a Disposable Cup to Make Her Order


Alicia Silverstone smiling for the camera: Alicia Silverstone Blasts Starbucks for Using a Disposable Cup to Make Her Order After She Brought a Mug

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Alicia Silverstone Blasts Starbucks for Using a Disposable Cup to Make Her Order After She Brought a Mug

Alicia Silverstone is shaming Starbucks for their less eco-friendly choices after her trip to the coffee shop Tuesday.

The Clueless actress, 42, who has been vocal about her passion for green living in the past, was quick to share her feelings of disappointment on Twitter when she stopped by the coffee chain with her reusable cup.

“Depressing! Just brought my reusable mug to @Starbucks &saw staff use a disposable cup, pour it into my mug, then toss the disposable cup. Totally defeats the purpose of trying 2 reduce waste,” she wrote. “Then I looked around to see so many people sitting @ the cafe all w disposables! Ugh.”

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While many users agreed with Silverstone on her tweet, others speculated that Starbucks may be merely following a health code.

“There are sanitation considerations to take into account as far as personal mugs go. I would not be surprised to learn that the Starbucks employee was following proper sanitary protocol,” one user wrote.

“It makes no sense but it’s our policy. Even if you are in the cafe and come up get a refill, we are technically supposed to throw your cup away and give you a new one,” wrote another.

However, a Starbucks representative tells PEOPLE that they actually encourage partners to make beverages in reusable cups “whenever possible” as part of their commitment to reduce waste. They currently offer customers a 10 cent discount on their beverage should they bring their own tumbler.

The actress’ disappointment with Starbucks did not stop there, though. She continued with another two tweets regarding the chain’s use of non-dairy milk, an important subject to Silverstone as she is vegan herself.

“I’m always frustrated by extra charges for non-dairy milk. Y should we be penalized 4 making the eco-choice?” she argued. “It would be amazing for @Starbucks to lead the way &consider enviro externalities associated w the dairy industry by having dairy cost + or at least = plantmilk fees.”

She continued with “one more thing,” asking that Starbucks “please get unsweetened oat milk at all your locations,” as another alternative choice for those who may not drink dairy.


Silverstone has been a huge proponent for eco-friendly practices since giving up meat at the age of 21.

Her son, Bear — who Silverstone raises with ex Christopher Jarecki — has also embraced the lifestyle. In a video for the nonprofit Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals program back in May 2017, Bear said his favorite thing about being a vegan is “that you don’t have to eat yucky meat.”

“The amazing thing about it is that it’s turned me into a health nut, because you feel so good, you feel so different,” Silverstone has said of the diet choice. “So being able to do something that is good for the Earth, good for the animals and good for you all at the same time seems like such a no-brainer. It’s like the biggest ‘Duh!’”


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