Carmaney Wong shares thoughts about winning Miss HK 2019


11 Sep – Now that she has been announced as the new Miss Hong Kong, Carmaney Wong recently took to social media to express her thoughts about her new status.

On 10 September, the 26-year-old beauty queen shared a photo from her crowning moment, and wrote, “In the past two months, I have experienced many things and challenges. Some of them were happy, some were frustrating. But these experiences have made me grown a lot and better. If you face the difficulties and challenges, you must always smile and be strong.”

Carmaney also admitted that she has known a lot of good friends while competing in the pageant, who helped her gain her confidence throughout the competition.

“The best thing in life is not the destination, but the journey itself. Thank you for giving me the longest journey that will only get more exciting,” she added.

On the other hand, according to Mingpao, the newly-reigned Miss Hong Kong admitted that she has begun thinking about her preparation for the upcoming Miss Chinese International.

(Photo Source: Carmaney Wong Instagram)


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