Demi Moore starred nude for Harper's Bazaar


Demi Moore starred nude for Harper's Bazaar

Demmy Moor

September 24 will go on sale autobiographical book 56 year old Demmy Moor, in which she frankly spoke about her difficult childhood, addictions, marriages with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher and much more. Just for this occasion, the actress became the main character of the October issue of the American Harper's Bazaar.

On the cover of the issue, Demi poses completely naked, sitting on the side of the pool in one wide-brimmed hat. It is noteworthy that the last time Moore appeared on the cover of a gloss without clothes almost 30 years ago during his second pregnancy.

Demmy MoorDemmy Moor

Thank God, people remember this photo, but they don’t remember the article itself,

– Moore joked in an interview with the editors of Harper's Bazaar.

In other pictures from the photo shoot for the Moore edition, dressed in bright evening dresses, posing against the backdrop of a luxurious estate.

Demmy Moor

Demmy Moor

Demmy Moor

In a conversation with Harper's Bazaar, Demi also talked about how motherhood changed her life. Moore admitted that it was thanks to daughters, 31-year-old Rumer, 28-year-old Scout and 25-year-old Talula, she looked at many things very differently:

My daughters gave me the opportunity to change the model of communication between people from different generations.

Moore also called motherhood her only goal and main purpose in life. Thanks to her daughters, she feels full and knows that she will be taken care of.

Demmy Moor

Demi Moore also told how she managed to overcome the craving for drugs and alcohol – these addictions haunted the actress in different periods of her life:

Looking back, I understand that after I opened this door again, strength began to leave me. I took it this way: it was important for me to have a natural birth, to feel everything and not to miss the moment. Along with this, I was in pain. So was my path to sobriety – I do not want to miss some moments of life, even if for this I have to go through pain.

Moore also shared her thoughts on people's reactions to her difficult past. So, the actress admitted that once it was public opinion that made her rethink her life and understand her mistakes.

Everything that happens in our lives shapes us. Any changes and opportunities move us to the exact goal, so that now we will be exactly where we should have been. All the talk about me pushed me out of the zones of comfort and constant control. They tried to make me be who I am. I don’t think I know how to do it on my own,

˜— said the actress.

Demmy Moor


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