Hack steals $40k from Harrisburg manufacturer


Speech to Text for Hack steals $40k from Harrisburg manufacturer

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it’s a cyber attack that hits home for a harrisburg business. they’re out 40 thousand dollars after a hacker got into their payroll account. kezi 9 news reporter chris lueneburg was in harrisburg today to learn what exactly happened. it’s a 40 thousand dollar loss for isovolta, an airline laminate manufacturer in harrisburg. “it’s uncommon for us to have one of this size.” the company reported the hack on monday. according to the linn county sheriff’s office, a fake employee account was created after someone hacked into the payroll system. after taking the money, it was transferred to two different banks in utah and ohio. the fake employee, listed as living in mexico. “isovolta tells us it’s unclear how this might impact their bottom line. but authorities tell us that no matter what, when it comes to the investigation, their hands might be tied.” they say hackers are hard to track… and the money being out of state is an added complication. “lt. michelle duncan:we’ll work it as much as we can. it’s just unfortunately, oftentimes these lead to not getting a lot of information because of the nature of them and where they are coming from.” management spoke with us today, but asked not to go on camera. they say only a single employee and the company’s external payroll vendor have access to the account… and they suspect it was the vendor. “there are typically many many ways to the same end goal.” cybersecurity experts with osu tell us these kinds of frauds can come from multiple different avenues- including malicious emails and websites. “rakesh bobba:it is believed that a majority of the attacks are coming from the phishing vector. compromising credentials often inside or through a phising attack and then taking it from there.” authorities tell us they will continue investigating the hack… but making


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