Melania Trump, Miranda Kerr, Diana Krueger, Reese Witherspoon and others recalled the September 11, 2001 attacks


Melania Trump, Miranda Kerr, Diana Krueger, Reese Witherspoon and others recalled the September 11, 2001 attacks

New York commemorates the victims of the September 11, 2001

Every year on September 11, America recalls the victims of the terrible tragedy that happened in 2001. Then suicide bombers seized four scheduled passenger airliners and carried out a series of terrorist attacks in the United States. Two planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center in southern Manhattan in New York. The third plane is in the Pentagon building near Washington. A fourth airliner crashed in Pennsylvania. 2977 people became victims of the September 11 attacks.

Mourning events this year were held under the leadership of President Donald Trump. Of course, on September 11, not only the speeches of government officials were heard. Many Internet users remembered the national tragedy in social networks. Among them were Miranda Kerr, Diana Krueger, Reese Witherspoon, Holly Bury, Lindsay Lohan and other stars.

Melania and Donald Trump
Photos from Instagram Melania Trump

Mariah Carrie

I remember with love those who died that day 18 years ago, and with gratitude I think of the heroes who risked their lives.

Instagram footage of Mariah Carrie

Diana Krueger

Never forget.

Instagram photo by Diana Krueger
Instagram photo by Diana Krueger

Reese Witherspoon

I will never forget 9/11. Woe and desolation overwhelm me. I promise to continue to pay tribute to men and women who have lost their lives, and to people who tried to save others.

Photos from Instagram Reese Witherspoon
Photos from Instagram Reese Witherspoon

Miranda Kerr

Never forget.

<img height = "500" width = "425″ title=”Photos from Instagram Miranda Kerr” alt=”Photo from Instagram by Miranda Kerr "src ="”/>
Photos from Instagram Miranda Kerr

Zac Posen

It is impossible to convey in words how deeply condolences to all families that have lost relatives and friends as a result of this terrible attack on our city and democracy.

Instagram photo by Zach Posen

Alyssa Milano

Like many 9/11 Americans, I sat in fear of what had happened. Like many Americans, on 9/11 I was shocked by eyewitnesses. Like many 9/11 Americans, she was afraid and hoped.

<img height = "500" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Photos from Instagram by Alyssa Milano” title=”Photos from Instagram by Alyssa Milano”/>
Photos from Instagram by Alyssa Milano

Olivia calpo

2997 civilians were waiting for their usual day. 343 firefighters were preparing for the usual change. 60 police officers patrolled in the morning. 8 doctors worked as usual … On this day we remember all the heroes and innocent victims … Their families and friends survived their worst nightmare. Life is so fragile. Fearlessness and dedication will always inspire us and remind us of what it really means to put the lives of others in the first place.

<img height = "500" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Photos from Instagram by Olivia Kalpo” title=”Photos from Instagram by Olivia Kalpo”/>
Photos from Instagram by Olivia Kalpo

Halle Berry

New York, you are constantly changing and not giving in to destruction. Today, September 11, we recall the thousands of dead, heroes who risked their lives, and the city that remains alive.

<img height = "500" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Photos from Instagram Holly Berry” title=”Photos from Instagram Holly Berry”/>
Photos from Instagram Holly Berry

Lindsey Lohan

God bless the world. May there be peace for everyone, everywhere. Let's not forget.

Elizabeth Banks

I remember how worried that the world had changed forever, the way it was. I am still grateful to all those who helped that day, who continue to help survivors, support them and surround them with love.

<img height = "500" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Elizabeth Banks” title=”Elizabeth Banks”/>
Elizabeth Banks

Ellen Degeneres

Today and always address the words of love to New York.

<img height = "500" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Photos from Instagram Ellen Degeneres” title=”Photos from Instagram Ellen Degeneres”/>
Photos from Instagram Ellen Degeneres

Melanie Griffith

18 years.

<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Instagram photo Melanie Griffith” title=”Instagram photo Melanie Griffith”/>
Instagram photo Melanie Griffith

Zoe Saldana

I will never forget.

Photos from Instagram by Zoe Saldana

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today we recall. We remember the victims, their families, heroes. We remember how the country became one. I will always remember the rescuers. I met with them to support after hard work in less than a month … At the epicenter of the tragedy I saw how they worked through tears. In the three fire departments that I visited, the rescuers invited me to the table and for a joint training. Firefighters know how to cook. When you have the opportunity to eat with your heroes, you will not refuse. He left them with a full stomach and a full heart, because he saw the best of America. We must continue to remember the victims, support and thank the police, doctors and firefighters for heroism. We must never forget this. Never.

<img height = "500" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Photos from Instagram by Arnold Schwarzenegger” title=”Photos from Instagram by Arnold Schwarzenegger”/>
Photos from Instagram by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photos from Instagram by Hillary Clinton


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